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Iraqi Troops Move Against US Backed Sunni Forces

The Shiite government in Iraq had begun cracking down on US supported Sunni Arab fighters in the turbulent area of Diyala province. The Sunni groups known as Awakening Councils have played a key role in dealing with militant insurgents, but apparently, they now face being attacked by the very government they were defending. A Sunni official said his forces had been evicted from all but seven of about 100 offices in Diyala. American military sources have confirmed the Shiite assault on Sunni forces.

A major problem facing Iraq is failure on the part of the Shiite Iraq government to support efforts aimed at incorporating Sunni fighters into the armed forces. This raises new possibilities for instability if the Sunnis become estranged from the current government and once again support militant insurgents. Iraq can not have a stable government until Sunnis become part of the armed forces as well as serving in key leadership positions.