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Religious Hatred Kills Dozens In Pakistan

It is about four hundred years since Christians engaged in slaughter of one another in the name of truth and God. Muslims today apparently have never learned anything from past religious conflict and prefer to kill one another in the name of truth and God and hatred of the evil West. For some reason, it is striking a blow against the West by killing dozens of innocent fellow Muslims. A suicide bomber in Karachi, Pakistan, blew himself up along with at least 30 innocent fellow Muslims and left dozens wounded in the latest example of madness that goes under the guise of believing in God so much that it is permissible to kill the innocent. Crowds went on a rampage after the attack, torching cars and throwing stones at ambulances that had arrived to care for their stricken family members.

It was Ashura, a holy day of prayer for Shiites who constitute about 20% of the Pakistan population, but this was of no difference to a man who undoubtedly believes he is a devout Muslim. Perhaps, it is time for Muslims to go on a rampage against terrorists who kill the innocent and cease blaming the West or others for what is being done by fellow Pakistanis.

Iran Stands To Gain In Iraq

During the initial stages of America’s invasion of Iraq, Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld was asked about the difference between Shiites and Sunnis only to be met with a baffled look on the face of the man who directed the invasion. Neither Bush, nor Cheney had any grasp about Iraqi politics. Iraq’smajor Shiite political parties have formed a new coalition which pointedly excludes the current Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The Iraqi National Alliance will be led by the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, a conservative group which has close ties with Iranian Muslims and includes anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

President Bush never understood that in crushing Iraq he was aiding Iranian Muslims. He never understood the need to foster a strong Muslim secular coalition which could steer between extremes. Ironically, Maliki, who has excluded Sunnis from power might have to depend upon their votes to retain power.

Welcome to the world of Bush and American follies.

Ways Of Death–Iraqi Suicide Bomber

This writer is not a devout religious person and therefore admits to a lack of understanding how individuals can kill others on the basis of religious differences, particularly, when the object of death is someone of your basic religious faith and nationality. A female suicide bomber was thwarted in her attempt in Iraq to blow herself up and kill dozens of Shiite believers who were on their way to observe the martyrdom of one of their saints. Police arrested a suicide bomber who was getting ready to enter a procession near Baghdad as millions of Iraqi Shiites prepared for their procession. The Iraq government has sent over 30,000 troops to protect people engaged in religious activities.

Most probably these suicide attacks on Shiites are instigated by Sunni Iraqis who have yet to accept the reality that their centuries of dominance in Iraq are over. Perhaps, Sunni Iraqis believe that killing innocent men, women, and children will somehow advance their goal to get rid of the Shiite Iraqi government. All that results from such actions is hate and a resolve to give even less power to Sunnis.

Cancel Sectarian Education In Kuwait Says Leader

A Shiite candidate, Kahled Al-Shatti, running for public office, urged authorities to cease teaching courses on religion because they tend to wind up being sectarian and result in not only non-Muslim, but Muslims, being categorized as “infidels.” He is running in a constituency in which Shiites constitute half the electorate, and Al Shatti is upset because school books in Kuwait have statements such as declaring “Shiites as infidels for visiting graves.” He recalled that in 1920, Kuwait rulers rejected demands by Wahhabi Salafists who wanted them to expel the “rejectionists,” the name used to describe Shiites.

A persistent issue in many Muslim nations is the close tie between religious leaders and the government. In most cases, if the Muslims are Sunni, then education winds up castigating Shiites along with non-Muslims are less than equal. The reverse holds true if Shiites are in power. Perhaps, separating church and state would aid in developing modern education systems and ending sectarian name calling in schools.

McCain Displays Foreign Policy Ignorance

John McCain has been portraying himself as the man with experience, after all, he has made more trips to Iraq than any other member of Congress. Senator McCain insists Barack Obama lacks his foreign policy experience and the United States needs someone as president who can make the right decisions when the phone rings at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Of course, Americans hope whoever picks up the phone early in the morning actually knows what he or she is talking about. McCain spoke to reporters in Amman, Jordan, about his recent trip to Iraq. He told them it is “common knowledge and has been reported in the media that al-Qaida has been going back into Iran and receiving training and are coming back into Iraq from Iran, that’s well known. And it’s unfortunate.” Within seconds after uttering this nonsense, Senator Joseph Lieberman walked over to McCain, whispered in his ear, and the Republican candidate corrected himself. “I’m sorry, the Iranians are training extremists, not al-Qaida.”

Anyone who only has superficial knowledge of the Middle East knows Iran is a major center of Shiites while al-Qaida is a Sunni orgranization that hates Shiites. Joohn McCain is te ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee and he doesn’t even know the difference between Shiites and Sunnis. He apparently does not know the Shiite Iranian government gave assistance to American forces when they drove out the Sunni Taliban from Afghanistan.

The Senator from Arizona is so caught up with his supposed “foreign policy knowledge” that he apparently doesn’t even have a grasp of the basis of what is going on in the Middle East. Imagine an ignorant person answering the phone at 3:00 a.m. and making such a blunder. Of course, an ignorant person already made such a blunder– the George Bush invasion of Iraq

Peace Reigns In Iraq, Claims Swedish Migration Board

Although Sweden has done an outstanding jobs in accepting Iraq immigration, the Swedish Migration Board has a rather unusual concept of what is happening in Iraq. It turned down the application for political asylum from an 51 year-old Iraqi on ground the armed militias and terrorist groups in Iraq were not engaged in a full blown war against the government. It also cited recent American figures claiming the “surge” had led to a reduction in the number of deaths in Baghdad. The man, a Shiite, refused to take part in Shiite violence against Sunnis and was threatened with death. The Court decided since he was a Shiite and that group is the largest religious group in Iraq, the man belongs to a dominant religious faction!

Perhaps, the Swedish Migration Board might wish to hold future hearings in Baghdad concerning applications for asylum from Iraqis.Do any of these people read a newspaper?

US Army Investigating Iraqi Deaths By Troops

The United States army is conducting an investigation into the shooting deaths of three Iraqis by American troops on Thursday in the village of Abu Lukah which is forty miles south of Baghdad. Shiites in the area had established the North of Hillah Awakening Council in an effort to cooperate with American forces to defeat extremists in the area. About 2:00 a.m. five members of the Council were guarding a checkpoint when shots rang out in the evening air. Apparently, American soldiers manning a watchtower in a nearby base fired on the group and killed three and wounded one. It is unclear why they shot these men who were cooperating with US forces.

Unfortunately, such incidents seriously damage efforts by US forces to gain the confidence of Iraqis. This is an example of Shiites seeking to fight terrorism who are killed by their allies, not their enemies.