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Israel Prime Minister Scolded By Israel President!

It increasingly becomes evident that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to create a new war in the Middle East in order to justify his argument that Palestinians do not seek peace. Israel President Shimon Peres told the prime minister his policies were disastrous and making achievement of peace difficult as well as rupturing relations with the United States. He told Netanyahu the policy of constructing houses in Arab areas of Jerusalem was NOT the historic policy of Israel leaders, but the exact opposite. “Previous governments built in Jewish neighborhoods, but not in Arab ones. Even Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir did not build in the heart of Arab neighborhoods. That is why the entire world agreed (building in Jerusalem) was not a stumbling block to peace.”

What can one add to the accurate comments of the president of Israel. The only thing one could add is that if Benjamin Netanyahu was in America, he would be a leader of the Tea Party and match their ignorance of history.