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President Bush Survives Terrorist Attack!!

President George Bush has been an outstanding leader of the United States from the first moment when he allowed himself to be interrupted reading a children’s story in order to be flown away to safety. Cowards like Bill Clinton would have remained in the safety of a kindergarten room, but George Bush stood up to terrorists. Who can forget his brave seizing of a bullhorn to loudly proclaim to assembled construction workers his belief America would be triumphant and they should not be upset at not having the government spend its valuable money on their health problems? Of course, George Bush really proved his bravery under fire when he defied sea sickness to stand on a moving aircraft carrier and announce the war was over. Most American presidents would have taken the cowardly path of refusing to acknowledge American had won the war in Iraq.

In his latest defiance of death, George Bush became the first president in American history who ducked not one–but two shoes thrown at him!! Yes, liberal scoffers and do-gooders will probably poke fun at this incredibly brave performance. The TV screen does not lie, George Bush used his physical and mental mobility to duck two shoes thrown at him by a crazed Iraqi terrorist and thus saved, not merely his life, but the entire shoe industry of America. Just think about the reaction of the American public if Bush had been struck by a shoe– people would have refused buying shoes and thousands would have lost their jobs!

George “Two Shoe Ducking” Bush will go down in history as the bravest American president in history. It proves conclusively what Rush Limbaugh and other Republican pundits have been saying–Bush was selected by Jesus Christ himself to save the world from the evil of atheistic shoe throwing people.