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Is It Possible To Insult George Bush?

The video of Bush standing at the podium as shoes fly in his direction shows a man, for a split second, gazing in bewilderment at an oncoming shoe, but never uttering any words. He gazes, the shoes fly by his head, he simply does not know he is being insulted, and returns to gaze in confusion after shoes cease flying in his direction. Five years ago, the right wing pundits of Fox News would have denounced this insult, not merely to the president of the United States, but to America, but, they are silent. Has George Bush reached the point in time when he can not be insulted? No one rises to his defense –except Laura and his ever faithful dog, Barney. He is a man alone in the world and words of insult fly at him along with shoes, but he remains untouched because the man has no sense he has ever done anything wrong.

President Robert Muabe of Zimbabwe shares with Bush the conviction no outside comment can ever have an effect on his demented mind. George Bush inhabits a world of his own, one in which America is “winning” in Iraq and Afghanistan, and time will eventually prove him correct. Bush is living in the world of 2030 when historians have come around to his way of thinking about 2001-2008. No one can insult a man who believes the world is inhabited by demented people. Throw shoes, throw tomatoes, throw lettuce, who cares, “I am absolutely right” mumbles the mind of a man who is no longer in 2008.

Undoubtedly, the last words from the lips of this slightly deranged man will be, “shoes, shoes, they are wrong, there were WMD, and once I get to heaven, God will show me where they are.”