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Guns And Abortion Lead To Death!

George Tiller, aged 67, had spent his life as a doctor who tended to the needs of his patients. He believed the women he took care of had the right to make decisions regarding their body, but this is not always a right recognized by many in the Midwest. Tiller was famous for performing late-term abortions and it had resulted in him being shot, his clinic bombed, and other personal attacks by those who believe in the sanctity of life unless you are killing someone you don’t like. A white man entered the lobby of the Reformation Lutheran church in Wichita, pulled out a gun and killed Tiller and he then fled in a blue Ford Tarus. The killer was a brave man who left the scene of his killing rather than waiting to defend himself.

I am certain 2nd Amendment supporters will defend the right to bring a gun into a church just as they defend the right to bring weapons into a school. After all, it says in the Constitution, you have a right to kill abortion defenders, and it definitely says in the 2nd Amendment each American has a right to bring weapons into churches and schools! The hypocrisy of killing in order to end killing is so ridiculous, how can one comment? President Obama has asked those on both sides of the debate to reach out to find common ground. He did not mean shoot the other side.