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In the late 1930s, Joseph Stalin, dictator of the Soviet Union, held numerous “show trials” at which famous Communists confessed to being agents of capitalism and conspiring to destroy their country. Fast forward to the summer of 2009 and similar trials are currently taking place in Iran where Supreme Leader of Lies Ayatollah Khamenei is supporting efforts of President Ahmadinejad to prove reformers were merely agents of Western powers. The wife of a former Iranian vice president said her husband was drugged and pressured to making his confession that he was working to forment a green revolution in Iran.

Fahimeh Mousavinejad said there was evidence her husband was being drugged when she visited him in jail. “Confessions in Iran are nothing new. It shows their weakness and their desperation.” The Ahmadinejad pitch is that demonstrations were organized by those seeking revenge against him because he had won the support of the Iranian people. Anyone believing that nonsense can contact me about purchasing a nice bridge across the East River in New York.

Ahmadinejad still does not grasp that he has lost the respect of large segments of the Iranian population and putting on show trials merely gives them more evidence that he has lost contact with reality.

Iranians Challenge Ahmadinejad Show Trials

Iranian reformers refuse to back down in the fight to achieve freedom for their people. Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi and former reform president Mohammad Khatami denounced recent release of pictures which depict some of the 100 detainees admitting they had acted in consort with foreign elements by challenging election results which gave President Ahmadinejad an overwhelming victory. Khatama stated bluntly, “what was called a trial was a violation of the constitution.” It is clear Ahmadinejad seeks to tarnish the reputations of his opponents by linking them to western, if not Israel, influences which are behind attempts to bring democracy to Iran.

Relatives of the detainees claim their loved ones have lost considerable weight and appear fatigued. Ahmadinejad is caught between his desire to exert independence from Ayatollah Khamenei and need for his support during the confusion of current times. The last dictator to attempt “show trials” was Joseph Stalin in the 1930s, they didn’t work then and will not work today.

Bush Kangaroo Court At Guantanamo Angers World

The United States military said it would bring death penalty charges against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five others it claims were suspected of being involved in planning the 9/11 attacks on the United States. The trials will take place at Guantanamo Bay and be a military tribunal whose proceedings are only partially under the jurisdiction of civilian courts. there is speculation trials conducted under such conditions will lead to widespread outrage throughout the Muslim world. Some critics note the decision comes as America is preparing for a presidential election in which Senator John McCain is arguing about his fight against terrorism and by some strange coincidence trials involving terrorists will be taking place.

Vincent Warren of the Center for Constitutional Rights notes: “What we are looking at is a seeries of show trials by the Bush administrationthat are really devoid of any due process considerations. Rather than playing politics, the Bush administration should be seeking speedy and fair trials. these are trials that are going to be based on torture as confessions as well as secret evidence. There is no way this can be said to be fair especially as the death sentence could be an outcome.”

There is most probably sufficient evidence obtained by legal means to convict either one or all of these men for crimes, but the Bush administration, as always, must take the road of hypocrisy and illegality in order to achieve their end goals. Nations of the world which oppose the death penalty will be angered if such a verdict concludes the trials. If any evidence is admitted that was obtained due to use of torture, the entire Muslim world will only conclude the men were innocent and are being denied their rights to a fair trial.