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Racist Firing Of Person Of Color– White, That Is

Karen Butler-Lynch worked at a homeless shelter whose clientele mainly consisted of black skinned people. After six years of being evaluated as an excellent worker, Mr. Lynch was fired by the executive director, Roz Roach, who informed her that a white skinned person could not understand issues confronting people of color. Ontario Superior Court Justice Gloria Klowak blasted the firing as ill-conceived and essentially entailed personality conflicts rather than racism. She awarded Ms. Lynch $28,000 in severance pay. Defence lawyer Selwyn Peters was shocked by the decision. “Obviously the judge didn’t get the racist element. I don’t think she understood conceptually the stuff about racism and what racism is and what racism means.”

I beg to differ with the Peter comment. Judge Klowak understands the meaning of racism. A person was fired because of her skin color, that is racism. Ms. Roach claims Ms. Lynch doesn’t understand what it means to be a person of color. I believe Ms. Lynch fully understands how it feels to be told you are fired because of the color of your skin. Unfortunately, neither Peters nor Roach have any understanding of the conceptual meaning of prejudice. Prejudice and hatred have been directed against people whose skin was white as well as against those whose religion differed from that of the majority. Racism knows no skin color, it only knows bigoted minds.