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Why Are Romas Leaving Czech Republic For Canada?

The decision by the Canadian government to again require visas for those in the Czech Republic to come to Canada is without question an effort to confront issues related to migration of Romas from their nation. Most Romany activists believe well-educated Czech Romanies who are integrated within the society may have decided it was wiser to leave before things become worse in a nation which contains a sizable number of right wing bigots who openly display hatred toward those who are “different.” It is also believed poor Romas are leaving for the simple reason they can not find good jobs and Canada appears to offer better economic opportunities for success.

Jozef Holek, who specializes in Roma issues, argues, “A common romany without education has almost zero chance to find a job and his position in society is completely frustrating in all aspects.” There is also the possible explanation that many Romas do not possess a deep patriotism for a society which regards them as inferior and they may well prefer seeking the patriotism of fellow countrymen who live in Canada. An unanswered question is whether or not key leaders of the Roma community are leaving.

Canada Decries Czech Republic Violence Towards Romas

Canada has witnessed a significant growth in the number of Roma immigrants from the Czech Republic and in the course of attempting to uncover reasons for their flight from Europe, it has become clear Romas face persecution and violence in their native country. The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board sent investigators to Europe to explore the situation of Romas in the Czech Republic. They found at times Romas are not protected by authorities and local police are frequently indifferent to attacks by racists on Romas. They more than often treat Romas as the criminals rather than victims when neo-Fascist groups attack Roma communities.

At a shelter in Toronto, Zaneta Gananova lifted her shirt to show two swastikas that had been carved into her skin by skin head fascists. As they cut into her body, they laughed and said, “Hey Gypsy, today you will die.” She did not, but there are reports of Romas who have been killed. The usual reaction of local police is to promise to “investigate the problem.”

Nearly 1,100 Czech Republic Romas claimed refugee status so far this year. Is anyone in the Czech Republic interested why people flee from your country?

Hitler’s Birthday In Russia

During the dark days of 1941 and 1942 when the Russian people fought for their very existence, millions died in the fight against Nazism. The gallant Russian soldiers and civilians who held back the German army at Stalingrad no doubt assumed their children and grandchildren would somehow mark their bravery with celebrations. Little did they know that sixty years later, their descendants would be marching in the streets of Moscow to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler! There were several incidents during the latest march by skinheads who glory in their adoration of a man who killed over twenty five million Russians–Adolf Hitler. These skinheads hate dark skinned people which certainly places them in the mindset of Nazism.

There are no words which can express the depravity of these skinheads to hail a man who committed such evil to their grandparents. Thank God, they are dead and not alive to witness this atrocity of evil on the part of their descendants!

Russian Skinheads Finally Jailed

During the existence of the Soviet Union, thousands of black skinned students were brought to Russia in an attempt to prove communism did not harbor hatred toward those with black skin as was the case in America. Unfortunately, those students encountered hate from ordinary Russians who simply did not treat those with dark skins as equal to them. The hate of Russians toward darker skinned immigrants has been highlighted by the trial of a gang of skinhead teenagers who killed 20 migrant workers and attempted to kill twelve others. The police did not catch up to the gang until they captured two who boasted of their killing spree toward Tajik workers and Chinese migrants and others who only crime was having a dark skin.

There is no doubt racist violence is on the rise in Russia and it is hardly one of the more important concerns of Vladmir Putin. Human right groups believe the police are not that interested in crimes against poor migrants. The skinheads adhere to Nazi ideas even though Nazism was responsible for the deaths of over 30 million Russians. One can only wonder if
Russian schools teach about the past and about the need to respect those who might differ in skin color or views.

Neo Nazi Sentenced To Jail In Portugal

Seventy years ago, Europe was engulfed in the worst war in its history when the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler unleashed its forces on a bloody six years of violence and death. An estimated forty million Europeans died in the conflict, but, Hitler’s legacy lives on all over the continent in the form of neo-Nazi groups who are enraptured by the mad man of Germany. Mario Machado, leader of Portugal’s nationalist far right party, was sentenced to four years in prison for his vicious hatred toward people in his nation. He was also convicted of crimes such as serious coercion, owning an illegal weapon, intimidation, damage and assault to cause bodily harm.

Machado and thirty six others, who are connected to the skinhead movement were arrested in 2007for racism, kidnapping, aggression and possessing illegal weapons. The police found examples of anti-semitic materials in the homes of those who were convicted. Perhaps, some day, psychologists will be able to offer an understanding as to why there exists throughout Europe people like Machado who appear to adore Hitler. It is more than ignorance, it represents a deep psychological need to hurt and kill those who differ from one.

Roma Czechs Head West To Canada

Last year marked a dramatic increase in Roma Czechs leaving their nation in order to migrate to Canada in search of a nation which respects the rights of Romas. About 367 left in 2007 in contrast to only 130 who had migrated in the previous six years. Max Berger, a Toronto lawyer who works with Roma immigrants, says “they tell me it’s because of beatings and harassments by Skinheads and Neo-Nazis.” Paul St. Clair of Toronto’s Roma Center supports that view. He learned from Roma immigrants that “seven pregnant women were beaten and kicked in the stomach by Skinheads. Four can no longer conceive.” He repeatedly heard from men of their difficulty in securing work in the Czech Republic and employers even told Romas to their faces, “we don’t hire Romas.”

The Czech Republic was among the first victims of Nazi Germany and sixty years later Czech citizens who are members of the National Guard organization march through the streets chanting “The Czech Republic is for white people.” Romas report they have encountered prejudice in Canada but unlike Czech police, the Canadian police are quick to put a halt to attacks on Romas and there are laws against spreading hate.

There is sadness witnessing a people who were subject to incredible hatred allowing hatred to flourish in their society.