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What Price Security For Israeli Jews?

During the past two thousand years Jews have endured every form of persecution and brutality known to the human race. They have been murdered, burned to death, witnessed the destruction of their property and the rape of their women. They have been outcasts in a world that regarded being Jewish as sufficient reason to be killed. My grandfather was beaten up in front of his son(my father) during the Russian pogroms of 1905. If any group should understand the meaning of human hate and the importance of respecting the integrity of all people it is the Jewish people. However, recent events in Gaza have witnessed Jews crossing the line of decent behavior by refusing to accept a cease fire and by a senseless and inhumane policy of bombing schools and homes of innocent individuals.

Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights believes Israel forces are guilty of war crimes for the bombing of civilian areas. At least 265 children are dead and 3,000 wounded. Yes, Israel had every right to strike back at the criminal actions of Hamas which also should be subject to war crimes for placing weapons in areas next to civilians, but Israel has crossed the line by refusing to stand down and halt the bombing and killing of the innocent.

The behavior of the Israel government violates the essence of Judaism and its respect for human rights. The tragedy is that Israel citizens have allowed their fears(many being justified) to support the slaughter of the innocent. What price salvation for Israel? Is it that anything can be justified in the name of “security?” Are their lines that can not be crossed?