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Japan Whalers Resume Hunchback Whale Slaughter!

A fleet of ships is sailing out of the ports of Japan this week destined for the South Pacific where it will resume the practice of killing hunchback whales. The japanese seamen are under orders to kill 50 hunchback whales in order to satisfy the eating habits of their nation. The hunchback whale has been classified as an endangered species and since 1963 the world has avoided killing them, but the Japanese fishery industry has decided to break the ban and kill a few. According to their logic, killing 50 out of a population of thousands doesn’t matter much but according to Greenwatch spokesperson, Junichi Sato, “These whales don’t have to die. Hunchbacks are very sensitive and live in close knit pods. So, even one death can be extremely damaging.”

For many people, the hunchback whale represents something special– an attempt to live in peace and harmony with a beautiful fellow inhabitant of planet Earth. At one point in the past at least 60,000 of them lived peacefully in the ocean until whalers began to wipe them out. Somehow during these years of peaceful co-existence Japanese people were able to get along without consuming whales. The world should boycott Japanese products for a year in retaliation for this offense against humanity.