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Following are some reasons members of the Republican party would be very happy.

Michelle Obama love letters to Bill Clinton uncovered.

Thirty five American soldiers killed in Taliban ambush.

George Clooney film bombs at box office.

Pope issues encyclical saying Catholics must vote for the Republican Party in America.

Tony Blair admits to homosexual relationship with George Bush and used it to force the invasion of Iraq.

Voting records reveal Karl Marx in 1860 voted for the Democratic candidate for president.

Oil discovered in Brooklyn, New York. 300,000 black residents will be relocated to Wyoming.

Rush Limbaugh loses fifty pounds and wins dance contest.

Supreme Court rules 5-4 that a strict interpretation of the Constitution confirms right of white to own black slaves.

Document uncovered in “National Treasure III” which reveals Barak Obama was born in Nairobi to a Muslim mother and a Russian father.

US government bails out Republican Party with $500 million grant. Senator McDonnell hails money as evidence this country still believes in free enterprise.