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Russia Remains Diplomatically Isolated On Georgia

The Russian government reached out for support from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) in an effort to drum up nations which would sanction the Russian response to the Georgia invasion of South Ossetia. The SCO offered a modicum of support for Russian actions to promote “peace,” but their overall declaration was rather silent on completely backing the Russian action. China and former parts of the Soviet Union merely said: “The participants .. underscore the need for respect of the historical and cultural traditions of each country and each people,and for efforts aimed tat preserving the unity of the state and its territorial integrity.” The SCO urged avoiding only relying on violence as a means of resolving disputes. It urged Georgia and Russia to engage in meaningful dialogue to resolve their conflict.

Russia hardly obtained a ringing statement of support. China does not wish to offer support to breakaway areas like South Ossetia because it sets a dangerous precedent for dissident minorities in China seeking to obtain autonomy. The Chinese government would no doubt wish to support Russia, but to do so would send a message of people in Tibet and other areas of discontent that breaking away is a valid goal of those seeking autonomy.