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China Issues New White Paper On Rule Of Law

ssThe Chinese government issued a new document entitled “Chna’s Efforts And Achievements In promoting the Rule of Law” which containseight statements covering topics regarding how leadership will strive to ensure the people of China live in a society in which they enjoy the protection of law. The document naturally contains the ususal rhetoric about legal systems and “Safeguarding Human Rights” although there is no acknowledgement there have been serious breaches of these rights today and in the past. It claims “a legal system compatible with the socialist market economy has basically taken shape.” Unfortunately, dissidents who are harassed and imprisoned would hardly agree with such lofty words.

There is no question the rights of Chinese people have been greatly extended, particularly in the economic sphere of life. The document speaks about the National People’s congress being able to exert legislatuive power but China lacks real political parties and free elections. The Chinese people and the world anxiously awaits implementation of the rule of law which is compatible with those rights as exercised in many nations of the world.