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Join Russian Army–See Georgia!

The Russian army has long enjoyed a reputation for being a place that a young man should be from not going to. The abuse of young recruits, the humiliation and low pay make service in the armed forces of Russia not among the most pleasurable experiences known to a Russian in his twenties. Alexander Glukhov decided one day that enough was enough so he picked himself up and headed across the border to neighboring Georgia. But, in Putin, Russia, everyone loves to be part of the dreamworld the prime minister has created in which there is milk and honey for all. The Russian military immediately announced forces of the evil Georgia government had kidnapped the young man.

Poor Alexander simply got tired of life in the wonderful Russian army and hanging around South Ossetia, so he left. In response to leaders of the Russian government which can not even accept the possibility a single soldier would leave, “I was not kidnapped. I came by myself.”

Honest, Vladmir, not everyone in Russia thinks you are the greatest. How about accepting the possibility that A soldier left of his own free will?