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Zimbabwe Gets Closer To Complete Collapse

President Robert Mugabe has clung to power due to his support from the armed forces and police, but there are some signs even the bastions of his support may be having second thoughts about backing the man who has single handedly destroyed an entire nation. During the past few days, soldiers rioted over not being able to receive pay and they fought in the streets of the capital with armed police. Mugabe has ordered military officers to find the culprits and punish them in order to frighten any who might be considering rebelling against his rule. The sight of rampaging soldiers is a new one for Zimbabwe. But, even more frightening is the continual closing of hospitals due to lack of supplies even as the number of cholera deaths reportedly has topped three thousand.

There are reports hundreds of junior officers are not on duty due to fear of being arrested which means the armed forces will be confronting desertions at a high level. However, Mugabe’s secret service over the years has spread fear among soldiers and operated on the principle of divide and conquer which prevents those from differing tribes to unite against the dictator.

Zmbabwe is as close to complete collapse as any country in the world. Somehow, the UN and the African Union have to exert force and get Mugabe on a plane headed out of the nation.