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Pirates Of Pain And Death

During the past year, Somali pirates have enjoyed a field day grabbing ships, holding hostages and securing millions of dollars in ransom payments. For some reason, the world believes the solution to kidnapping is to give in to thugs. Suggestions that ships be armed have been met with cries about liability and insurance costs. It is difficult to believe in the modern world there is no capacity on the part of governments to develop a fund to pay for costs of sailors defending their ships, but this is a time of fear and anxiety. Captain Richard Philips, who was captured by pirates who then found themselves out of fuel and drifting, was finally freed by a naval operation carried out by the American navy. Three pirates were killed, one captured and Phillips was unharmed.

How about responding to pirates in the same manner Thomas Jefferson dealt with the Barbary Pirates. Send in the Marines.

Piracy In The Twentieth First Century!

The ongoing violent actions of Somalia pirates is a symbol of the growing disintegration of stability in the world. The word “pirate” is for most people something associated with a past era that lives on mainly in motion pictures. However, recent ship seizures by Somalia pirates have created a new threat to world stability since their seizure of ships threatens to raise cost of oil and impact world economies. As world powers rushed ships to the troubled waters, hundreds of armed pirates entered the area prepared to resist any armed attack on those holding ships for ransom. Well armed Islamic forces are in the area and they could readily wipe out the pirates, but they apparently are turning away from action since it please their leaders to see western nations upset and confused.

The Islamist Shebab group which controls a large area of Somalia has repeatedly insisted it opposes all forms of piracy since they violate the Muslim religion. According to reports, Islamic soldiers are presently in the same area as the pirates but are not taking any action as western nations negotiate with the modern cut throats. Perhaps, it is time for an multinational armed force to take over the pirate area. Of course, it will never happen.