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Somali Pirates Seize Ship And Defend Their Rights

We bring to the world a special report from Somali headquarters in Mogadushu concerning the latest news concerning a ship that dared to sail into our territorial waters with intent to create a disturbance. Our armed men jumped on the ship only to be met by a violent crew of criminals who then viciously assaulted our assault team. The Panama-flagged ship carried a crew of men from Ghana. It is clear the intent of this ship was to sail close to the coast of Somalia and assist rebel forces who are attempting to overthrow the government. Some of these ‘crew members” had knives in their sleeping quarters and one was even found with an axe. Our gallant pirates were not prevented from carrying out their task of restoring peace and tranquility to the region despite efforts of these Ghana thugs who sail on ships that traverse our coastal areas.

We Somali people have for too long been oppressed by the world so it is time to stand up for freedom. We have the right–God gave it to us — to seize any ship which goes within a hundred miles of our coast. In taking these ships, we are striking a blow for freedom because we can get ransom money which will be used to ensure the people of our land live in plenty and in peace.

A Somali court will place on trial any member of the crew who initiated violence against our innocent pirates.

P.S. This report was written with the assistance of the Israeli propaganda ministry.

Al-Shabaab Ready For All Out War In Somalia

The nation of Somalia has been wracked by war and violence for over two decades. Most of its people have no memory of a time when one could live peacefully in the country and not fear being killed by your own people. Al-Shabaab, the militant Islamic group which is allied with al-Qaeda, announced it is prepared to launch all out attacks against government forces and troops from the African Union which provide protection for leaders of the nation. Muktar Robow Abu Mansur, a powerful leader of insurgents, proclaimed it was now time for “the soldiers of Allah” to “launch attacks to eliminate the enemy from the country.”

One could readily place blame on the Bush administration for initiating two years ago an invasion of Somalia by the Christian nation of Ethiopia which only made things even worse than they were before their arrival. There is chaos and disorder. And, no one knows how this mess will turn out.

George Bush And Politics Of Terrorism In Somalia!

George Bush is happily chopping wood in Texas and attending football games where the crowd gives him a nice cheer and broadcasters cluster around the born again Christian Texan for interviews. But, thousands of miles away in Africa, thousands of people are suffering because of George Bush and his policies of war and destruction. He persuaded Ethiopian troops to invade Somalia and wipe out the Islamic Courts Union which had restored a semblance of order into the chaos known as Somalia. In time, Somalians rebelled against the Christian Ethiopian foreigners and they left Somalia. But, what did the Bush policy leave in its place– chaos, destruction and the rise of fundamentalist Islamic groups that make the Islamic Courts Union come across as moderates.

Over 500,000 Somalians have fled to the security of Somaliland. Sarida Nour Ahmed told a reporter about her experiences living in a world controlled by al-Shabaab militants who supposedly represent a conservative Islamic order. “The situation was unbearable. Mortars were landing every day. At night there was torture, rape and killing. At first we thought it was because of the Ethiopian invasion. They(al-Shabaab) came to our houses. Robbed and raped. She described how women were being tried in secret sharia courts where wearing a light colored outfit could result in 90 lashes or even being raped.

Yes, George, have a good time at the Super Bowl and laugh and play while the legacy of your stupidity lives on in Somalia.

Finland Welcomes Somalia Refugees

it is a long way from the hot climate of Somalia to the cold environs of Helsinki, but thousands of Somalians have been heading north for over two decades in order to escape the madness that is prevalent in their own nation. The first Somalia arrived in Finland twenty years ago and so far this year over 1,000 have arrived. Finland expects during the coming decade to witness the migration of several thousand Somalians to their shores. The Finnish government is presently granting asylum permits to Somalia families some of whom contain upwards of fifteen members. A persistent problem is securing housing for the refugees and initiating the process of getting their children into schools as well as language programs. It is estimated that one in four Somalia refugees in homeless at some point during their integration process.

The good news is that Finland has not turned its back on those escaping the horror that has become the failed state of Somalia. So far, no riots and anger toward the refugees.

Evil Is In Eye Of Beholder-Take Off The Bra!

Somalia is a land which is in utter chaos, bombings, homes destroyed, pirates wandering around the coast, and few families have anything to offer their children in terms of a decent safe life. The Shabaab Islamic movement controls large swaths of Somalia and believes its main job is not to provide food, clothing, shelter, jobs or education for the people in these areas. Their main task in life is focusing on saving the souls of those who they control. They have issued strict decrees banning films, plays, dancing at weddings, football matches and just about all forms of music including the melodic tunes heard on cell phones. After all, one can not be too careful when protecting people against the sins of the world. Let a cell phone utter a piece of music, and pornography, conversion to Christianity and other forms of evil trail in its wake.

A few days ago a Somalia woman was walking home when she was halted by religious police. According to the Shabaab group, wearing a bra is unIslamic because it is a form of fraud and deception. They proceeded to give the woman a few lashes. The real question is how did the men figure out she had a bra since Somalia women walk around in bodies completely covered??

Oh well, check out the bras and don’t get concerned about food. I wonder if women can wear bras in heaven?

US Kills Top Somalia al-Qaeda Leader

The war against al-Qaeda which originated in dealing with their presence in Afghanistan has spread throughout the world. Those who continue supporting Bush policies of a “war against terrorism” might wonder that as this supposed “war” proceeds, it winds up fighting all over the world. Somalia insurgents are furious that American helicopters took out, Saleh Ali Nabhan, a prominent member of al-Qaeda’s leadership. Al-Ahabab, the Somalia branch of al-Qaeda, promised “they(USA) will taste the bitterness of our response. Al-Shabab will continue targeting western countries, especially America.”

US helicopters spotted his car and blasted it. Some reports indicate the helicopters landed and took away bodies. Another leader gone, but does this mean al-Qaeda is weaker? Or does it mean, a bright younger al-Qaeda operative will rise to the occasion and assume leadership?

The never ending, never ceasing fight against “terrorism.” Why not just say, we won, and everyone go home?

Somalia Heats Up With Terrorism

Once upon a time in Africa, concern for its people focused on economic development, but through a series of miscues and concentration on “terrorism” the issues of the continent have been subordinated to military rather than economic growth. Somalia is in chaos, it was in chaos before Bush pushed Ethiopia two years ago to invade, but its people live in perennial violence and it becomes virtually impossible to identify who are the bad, good, terrorist guys. It is estimated at least 7,000 Somalis each month flee to refuge in Kenya. Of course this only results in furthering terrorism in that nation.

Sheikh Abdullah Dahir Shurie in Kenya bemoans that so many young men have been beguiled by dreams of jihad and are flocking to the banners of Somali militants. Moderate clerics are doing their best to shift attention away from voyaging to Somali in order to die for all the wrong reasons.

Does anyone know who is in control of Somalia, let alone who should be supported? We give up.

Are Ethiopians Back In Somalia?

Among the many foreign policy mistakes of the Bush administration was encouraging Ethiopia to invade Muslim Somalia. The result was to increase, not decrease, the rise to power of militant Muslim groups. Islamist insurgents in the southern area of the country seized control of town they claim was supported by Ethiopian troops who crossed the border. The Shabaab insurgents, which the US claims has al-Qaeda ties, drove pro-government troops from the town of Bulahawa and insisted that Ethiopian forces had taken part in the action.

A spokesperson for Shabaab claims, “we have defeated the Ethiopian backed militia.” However, an Ethiopian government spokesperson insists, “Ethiopia has no troops inside Somalia.” Let’s hope that is an accurate statement because the last thing necessary at this point in Somalia is to renew an Ethiopian presence in the Islamic land.

Cry The Beloved Country Of Somalia

The old saying about the evil men do lives on after them is all so evident in what is happening in Somalia. In the 19th century, European colonialists invaded east Africa and carved out the nation of “Somalia.” Naturally, in the process that brought together diverse peoples who were more clan centered than having feelings regarding the nation of Somalia. The area became a playground during the Cold War for the Soviet Union and the United States to engage in a struggle for supremacy. In the aftermath of 9/11, the Bush administration became convinced terrorists were in Somalia and urged the Ethiopian government two years ago to send in an invading army. This outside force drove an Islamic government which was in the process of attempting to create some semblance of law and order.

The Christian invaders left several months ago which resulted in the current civil war among Muslim groups and clans to determine which will sit in the capital of Mogadishu. During the past three months over 200,000 people have fled the city to join an estimated half million refugees. Perhaps, the best thing the outside world at this juncture can do is simply allow Islamic groups to vie for power and wait until the dust settles.

Somalia Collapse Continues As People Suffer

Future historians will find scant difficulty identifying causes of the terrible destruction which impacted the Middle East and Africa once they have complete access to the files of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Bombings rock Iraq cities every day because Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld did not have a clue on how to deal with the Iraqi situation. The nation of Somalia which has been in a state of collapse for nearly two decades can thank Bush for creating the current mess. In late 2006, Bush persuaded Christian Ethiopia to invade Somalia to get rid of an Islamist government. After two years of failure, the Ethiopians left and in their wake is still another civil war in Somalia. About 4,500 African Union troops are doing their best to hold off insurgent forces, but the Somalia government has been reduced to control of a small area of the capital, Mogadishu.

Frankly, it is clear the militants will triumph and control a good section of Somalia. The important step for America is to cease interfering in nations like Somalia and to accept Islamic control. That is reality.