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Bush Legacy In Somalia Lives On After His Departure

Two years ago, President Bush in his quest to “spread democracy” exerted pressure on the government of Christian Ethiopia to invade Muslim Somalia and destroy its government. The invasion of Christians roused the anger of large segments of the Somalia population, and within months the Ethiopians were bogged down in guerrilla warfare. After two years of constant fighting and few success stories, the Ethiopians departed and went home. However, they left behind chaos as Islamist groups vied for power. The end result is that Muslim groups who are sympathetic to al-Qaeda are now gearing up to assume power — or what passes for power– in Somalia.

The other day, Somalia Islamist groups beheaded seven men who were charged with abandoning their religion and had assisted foreign groups to gain power in their country. Fighting rages in the capital as various Muslim groups seek to destroy the others and gain power.

One can only wonder what President Bush back in Texas thinks about the mess he helped to create in another country.

Cry The Beloved Country Of Somalia

Americans continually cite the impact of 9/11 on their nation and the need to address concerns about terrorism. But, few pundits who are so willing to shout and declaim about the need to defeat international terrorism deal with the impact of American actions on nations of the world. Two years ago, President Bush encouraged Christian Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow an Islamist government in the name of ending terrorism. Fast forward three years and the Ethiopians are gone, the Americans pretend they had nothing to do with violence in Somalia, and the people of that unfortunate nation are trapped in a vicious civil war between Islamist factions.

During the past several weeks hundreds have been killed in Mogadishu and over a hundred thousand forced to flee for their lives as Islamist factions kill one another and any civilian who gets in their way. Of course, George Bush is chopping wood in Texas and Dick Cheney is picking up thousands for his speeches, but the fruit of their intrigue has turned rotten.

Somalia Clings To Existence As Militants Attack

There are no “good guys” or “bad guys” vying for power in Somalia, just religious fanatics seeking to control the nation. Two years ago, ignorant President George Bush persuaded Christian Ethiopia to intervene in the Somalia civil war. After two years, the Ethiopians left and the result was al-Qaeda and other foreign Islamics flocked to Somalia in order to gain control of the country. Somalian President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has appealed to the outside world for financial and military support since it becomes evident Islamic fundamentalists with their al-Qaeda supporters will soon be in control of the capital. The African Union has backed the appeal for aid, but there is scant evidence it will do anything other than make a pious comment much as they did in the horror of Zimbabwe. No help is coming.

Somalia will soon be completely under the support of Islamic fundamentalists and al-Qaeda which means it is simply a matter of time before American sponsored groups once again invade and continue the ever ongoing tragedy of Somalia. So many concerned about its future, and so many who don’t give a damn about the people of Somalia.

Is Ethiopia Entering Somalia?

The legacy of George Bush lives on and on. In the fall of 2007, Bush encouraged Ethiopia to invade Somalia in order to overthrow an Islamist government. Christian Ethiopia invaded Somalia and destroyed the Islamist government which was replaced by a weak Islamist government. During the ensuing years civil war raged in Somalia as most groups wanted to rid themselves of the Christian Ethiopian invaders. Finally, a few months ago, the Ethiopian army left and a new war broke out in which Islamist groups, including those affiliated with al-Qaeda, have been gaining power.

Witnesses on the border of Ethiopia and Somalia claim Ethiopian troops have crossed over and are establishing check points on roads and in villages. The Ethiopian government denies their presence although its Communication Minister Bereket Simon notes his nation is “not contemplating going back there for the moment.” African Union sources suggest they will return because Ethiopia fears an Islamist force on its border that might stir up Muslims in their nation.

It’s a mess.

International Piracy Court?

A Russian military vessel captured about twenty nine pirates and freed some prisoners and now face the confusing issue of what to do with the pirates. The Russian ship is currently holding the pirates, but has yet to determine what is the best course of action. President Dimity Medvedev is considering the possibility of calling for creation of an International Court for Pirates that would place these men on trial. At present, the only alternative is to take the pirates back to one’s nation where the confusing process of a trial for men who are most probably not conversant with the judicial process would raise issues of concern.

The idea of an International Court for Pirates would finally resolve the issue of jurisdiction which currently is completely uncertain. It would lend itself to having Somali lawyers present to ensure the pirates had access to legal assistance. It makes some sense.

The Pirates Of Somalia –Who Are They?

There most probably has always been piracy off the coast of Africa but it is quite apparent the emergence of Somlian pirates has added a new element to one of the world’s oldest crimes– seizing ships on high seas. The non-existent nation of Somalia has created such turmoil and confusion as well as high rates of unemployment that discovering young men seek to become pirates is no surprise. After all, young men and women in America seek to become Wall Street pirates which may not be that far from Somali men entering piracy and justifying it on grounds that international vessels are intruding on their fishing grounds and dumping toxic waste. Most probably, even without such justification the allure of easy money is as enticing to them as it is to young Americans on Wall Street.

Ironically, the solution to piracy on high seas lies in assisting Somalia to become an actual state with a vibrant economy and a stable government. If the Somalia government could control its own territory there would not be pirates. Perhaps it is time for the American government to cease worrying about Islamic governments in control of Somalia and focus on a government being in control.
Some experts are seeking connections between al-Qaeda and the pirates but these young men are simply modern entrepreneurs and they are making millions. Piracy on high seas invariably is connected to lack of opportunity on land. Few nations in the world match the poverty and madness of life in Somalia so it is no surprise enterprising young men venture out in their speed boats in search of wealthy rewards.

Somalia Tragedy Never Ends

Two years ago, President George Bush persuaded Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow an Islamic government on grounds they were militants who opposed American interests in the region. Ethiopian troops have just about left and in their wake they have left still one more chapter in discord and violence which prevents the people of Somalia to even have a single recollection of a time of peace in their war torn land. Fighters of a moderate Islamic group are fighting with the more hardline Shaabab group and as they kill one another the end result is destruction of towns and death of innocent civilians.

Latest reports are that hardliners are drawing support from some tribal groups which is escalating the fighting. A spokesperson for the moderate Ahu Sunna Waljamaca group says they are killing the radicals who control parts of central and the south while government forces remain strong around the capital of Mogadishu.

Will the legacies of George Bush never cease to destroy chances for peace in the Middle East and Africa?

Ethiopian Troops Leave Somalia-Another Bush Fiasco!

Two years ago, President Bush urged the Christian Ethiopian government to invade Muslim Somalia because the American president did not believe Islamic fanatics should be allowed to rule. In the Bush version of “democracy,” the man from Texas decides who is the right believer in “democracy” and who is not. The last departing Ethiopian troops are abandoning their bases and headed home after two years of more chaos and destruction in Somalia. The Somalian government has reached an agreement with the main opposition, the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia. The two sides are meeting to finalize arrangements for power sharing.

Two years have passed during which hundreds of thousands of Somalians were displaced or killed or brutalized by one group or another. Any sensible person would have known in 2006, urging a Christian nation to invade a Muslim one was an invitation to disaster. But, to George Bush, “disaster” is his middle name.

Ethiopian Troops Begin Leaving Somalia

Two years ago, George Bush exerted pressure on the government of Ethiopia to invade Somalia and crush an Islamic government which had obtained power in the dissolving nation of Somalia. The American media did not inform the public that US planes and warships played an active role assisting the invasion of a Muslim nation by Christian troops from Ethiopia. The past two years have witnessed renewed fighting by Islamic forces against the hated “Ethiopian foreigner” which has resulted in a complete collapse of the Somalia government which was installed by the United States and Ethiopian troops. Ethiopian troops are now moving out of Mogadishu and turning over police stations and other facilities to Islamists who are allied to Sheikh Shariff. The withdrawals are part of a compromise agreement that was brokered by the UN in order to have some form of government in existence within the nation.

As Ethiopian forces march out of Somalia renewed fighting has broken out between rival Islamist groups each of whom seeks to take over the government. The Ethiopian government promised not to leave a power vacuum but that hope is disintegrating as groups clash with one another in a mad scramble for power. President Yusuf is resigning as clans vie for control of the capital.

In a word, the situation is a –mess. This is simply another botched effort by George Bush to carry out his insane ideas to bring “democracy” to a region. It is one thing to believe in democracy, it is another not to have a clue regarding power groups in a nation before one interferes with the power arrangement.

Back in Ethiopia, the government still arrests dissidents who dare to question their authority. Birtukan Midekssa, head of the Democratic Justice Party has been imprisoned because she dared to challenge government views. The US Embassy expressed regret at her imprisonment but President Bush apparently did not see any reason to exert his influence to protect democracy in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Troops Begin Leaving Somalia

In the winter of 2006, President Bush urged Ethiopia to invade the Islamic nation of Somalia in order to overthrow a Muslim fundamentalist government which had gained power. American planes and ships assisted the Ethiopian armed forces and the result was a defeat of the Somalian government. A more pro-western government was installed which soon resulted in the emergence of insurgents. During the past two years, anti-Christian hate against the Ethiopians as invaders of a Muslim nation was a factor in allowing radical Somalian forces to gradually regain control of their nation. There are now reports that hundreds of Ethiopians are beginning the process of evacuating Somalia. This most probably means the now even more radical Islamic government will regain power and there should be a bloody reprisal against anyone who supported the pro-western government or Ethiopian forces.

The Bush fiasco in Somalia has basically remained ignored by the American media which is caught up in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, once again, Bush displayed his complete ignorance of the Muslim world by sanctioning and encouraging a Christian nation to invade an Islamic ruled nation. Where was Secretary of State Condi Rice on this one?