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John Kerry Warns About Somalia

Senator John Kerry, incoming chairperson of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, warned about taking military action in Somalia in response to the pirate activity which originates from that nation. “if you’ve just got one patrol boat and it chases in and people go ashore without enough firepower, without knowing what they’re up against, you can get into a lot of trouble.” The senator raises valid points, but he ignores the role played by President George Bush in creasing the current unstable situation in Somalia. Bush encouraged Christian Ethiopia to invade and take over Somalia in order to crush a fundamentalist Islamic government. It was that invasion which helped encourage the growth in pirate activity.

Sorry, Senator Kerry, the United States IS involved in Somalia and it is time we acknowledged our role in creating the current chaos. We can acknowledge that American planes and ships assisted Ethiopian forces during their invasion. First, accept responsibility, and then work to assist an Islamic government to restore law and order.

Somalia Struggles For A Peace Solution

It is nearly two years since the Bush administration persuaded Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow a fundamentalist Islamic government. The result was rebellion, fighting, forcing hundreds of thousands of civilians from their homes and a continuing chaos which is reflected in the inability of the Somalia government to impose its authority outside of a some sections of the capital city. President Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed announced yesterday he was dismissing the entire Somalia cabinet in order to appoint a new government which he hopes will focus on peace rather than continuing the war. After two years, the Islamist movement has grown stronger and now is in control over large areas of the nation as the Ethiopian-Somalia government forces retreat into the capital.

President Ahmed needs approval of the parliament in order to establish a new government and hopefully he will be granted that right. Reality is Somalia is simply one more mess created by George Bush and the situation will not be resolved by more troops or more fighting. The Islamic fundamentalists who are medieval minded men will most probably regain control of the nation. Unfortunately, the people of Somalia will have to endure fundamentalist rule for several years until some semblance of order is established and hopefully, forces of reason and modernity may one day assume a role in the government of Somalia.

Somalia Has Collapsed!

President Bush is continually attacked for his ill fated adventures in Iraq, but few in the United States of America focus on his failed policies in Africa. Two years ago, an Islamic fundamentalist group had taken power in Somalia and established some form of law and order, but Bush was convinced they were supporting terrorism and persuaded the Christian led government of Ethiopia to invade the Muslim nation. The result has been two years of conflict and displacement of over 200,000 people from their homes. Over the weekend, President Abdullah Yusuf of Somalia, admitted his government is on the verge of collapse, and that Islamist groups now control most of the country. His government now only governs in the capital of Mogadishu while the remainder of the country has fallen under control of Islamic insurgents.

The presence of large numbers of Ethiopian troops will probably prevent Islamic militants from taking over the capital, but they will be able to bottle up Ethiopian and government forces within the city. There is fear the militants will engage in an orgy of death and destruction if they seize control of the government which most probably will ensure government officials will flee for their lives.

An unknown factor is what happens when Islamic insurgents take over since they presently represent three distinct groups who only are united in driving out the Ethiopians.

Once Again Somalia Heads For Chaos

There is always considerable anger toward Bush regarding his fiasco in Iraq, but few critics n America ever note his equally inept policies in Somalia which have plunged that unfortunate land into further chaos. Two years ago, Bush encouraged Ethiopia to send its forces into Somalia to crush an Islamist fundamentalist government. The Christian soldiers of Ethiopia never established positive relations with the people of Somalia and for two years war has ranged between fundamentalist insurgents and the government established by US-Ethiopian forces. Islamist rebels moved ever closer to the capital of Mogadishu and now are on the outskirts. Rebel forces are on America’s list of terrorists, but they receive considerable support from the local population which is tired of war, tired of the ineffective Somalia government and only hopeful for some sort of peace, regardless of who brings it.

Rebels now control ports as well as a large section of Somalia. Most probably, Ethiopian troops will soon leave, restoring the situation to what it was two years ago. Will Bush urge another Ethiopian invasion?

Who Caused Deaths In Somalia?

Somalia is to Africa what Afghanistan has become to Asia, a center of turmoil, destruction, bombings, and murder of innocent people. North Somali authorities arrested a local sheikh who is suspected of being behind this week’s rash of bombings that rocked the nation and killed dozens. The United States believes al-Qaeda was behind the bombings while most Somali authorities blame local Islamic militants. Medical staff at a hospital blamed recent killings on Somali and Ethiopian soldiers. The horror of the entire death and destruction is the lack of any group or nation which can find a way out of the madness that has become Somalia.

The UN is trying to broker some sort of peace but there is no indication local Somalian Islamic groups have any interest in accepting peace. It is estimated over 10,000 people have been killed since the first of the year and there is not doubt another 10,000 will die next year.

Somalia Crisis Worsens As Bombs Kill Dozens

Two years ago, President Bush encouraged the Ethiopian government to invade the Muslim nation of Somalia and overthrow its government. Bush feared the presence of an Islamist fundamentalist government posed a threat to American interests. The invading Christian Ethiopians opened the door for Islamist militants to resume guerrilla warfare. A wave of synchronised suicide attacks on UN, and diplomatic and government institutions. The careful organization of the suicide bombers was unusual for a Somalia militant operation. It indicates there is growing sophistication in resistance on the part of Islamic forces.

The attacks focused on institutions such as the Ethiopian consulate, ministry offices, and UN aid organizations. The situation has grown worse, not better since the American sponsored invasion took place. Perhaps, it is time to discuss with militants about the possibility of a coalition government.

Forgotten Tragedy Of Somalia

The world is concerned with a financial crisis, angry words are exchanged between the United States and Russia and the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan has worsened relations between Pakistan and its supposed allies. But, it is the rare newspaper which will mention anything about the turmoil in Somalia whose inhabitants enter still another decade of violence and brutality. At least 29 civilians were killed and more than 60 wounded in fresh mortar exchanges in the nation’s capital city of Mogadishu. Muslim insurgents clashed with African Union troops and fighting escalated when insurgents tried to close down the city’s airport. Reports are confused as to whether insurgent or government forces did which killing. Of course, to the dead it is irrelevant who killed them.

It is clear that artillery shells killed many people and these undoubtedly were fired by government forces. Somalia had enough chaos until President Bush urged an Ethiopian invasion of the Muslim nation. At present, insurgents are fighting against African Union, Somalian, and Ethiopian troops. In the meantime, civilians try their best to continue living.

Somalia Continues Its Current Descent Into Chaos

The history of Somalia over the past thirty years has witnessed alternating periods of complete chaos and semi chaos as various groups and factions vie with one another for control. In the 1990s, American troops hurriedly left the “nation” after the tragic death of Americans were killed by mob violence. Two years ago, at the urging of President Bush, Ethiopia invaded a Muslim nation in the name of democracy and helped unite Muslim groups to fight the Christian Ethiopian invaders. Yesterday, a hardline Islamist militia head, Al Shebab, gave warning to the government to close down the Mogadishu airport or face the consequences. He charged the airport was being used by Israeli, American and Ethiopian forces as well as members of the African Union. He told Somalian businessmen, “any plane attempting to land at the airport will be regarded as an enemy combatant and would have to assume responsibility for anything that happens.”

Most Somalis are disregarding the threat even though the situation in their nation shows no sign of returning to any semblance of law and order. Perhaps, part of the problem is since there are so many groups engaged in fighting it may sometimes be difficult to ascertain which can actually carry out threats. Or, perhaps, living in a world of threats and warnings, one simply goes about business without being concerned.

Few people in the world have endured such ongoing disorder and chaos as those living in Somalia and the world goes on its business with scant concern for their plight.

Somalians Won’t Integrate In Norway

A Somalian woman who came to Norway 10 years ago has just written a sharp indictment of her fellow Somalians for their failure to integrate within Norwegian society. She blames the lack of integration is due to Somali males who fear becoming more Norwegian threatens their culture and control over Somali women. She says many regard the Norwegians as infidels and lack trust or interest in their ideas. The anonymous author of “See Us” fears revealing her real name due to potential violence on the part of male religious fundamentalists. Among her charges against fellow Somalians is that many women “divorce” in order to receive welfare benefits but continue living under the authority of her husband.

The book argues women and children are kept isolated and females face physical brutality from males. At present, there are about 20,000 Somalians living in Norway, mainly concentrated in the Oslo area.

Foreign Journalists Abducted In Somalia

The entry of Ethiopian troops into Somalia at the end of 2006 helped to destabilize a nation that already was in a form of chaos. The Christian Ethiopian forces invaded with the encouragement and support of US naval and air units because President Bush was determined to crush a Somalia Islamist government. In the midst of chaos and confusion, rebel forces constantly kidnap foreign journalists in order to obtain ransom money. A few days ago, three foreign journalists who were on their way to examine refugee camps were abducted and their families are awaiting new of the ransom amount. All the Somalia Interior Ministry can report is they know the men have been captured.

Even as the abductions were taking place, fierce fighting broke out in the port of Kismayo where Islamist forces actually captured a part of the city and held it for days. Perhaps, it is time to once again undo Bush mistakes and have the African Union organize a coalition government whose initial task will be removing foreign Ethiopian forces from the country. Bush always claims he sends troops into crush terrorism, and, invariably, their entry increases terrorist forces.