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Dilemma Of Zimbabweans In South Africa

During the past two years, Zimbabweans who have been fighting to restore democracy and economic stability to their country have pleaded with leaders of South Africa to take a stand for oppressed people. Invariably, their pleas have been met with indifference because South African leaders –including Nelson Mandela– refuse to break the unofficial policy of not attacking fellow African leaders. One outcome of this blind policy of allowing brutality and oppression to survive is the arrival of over two million Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa. The refusal to act has wound up damaging South Africa.

There are presently 2,000 Zimbabweans crowding the Johannesburg Central Methodist church will hundres living on its surrounding streets. People are subject o physical issues but they live in fear that gangs which hate foreigners will attack them as was done last year. The city governnment is baffled how to solve the problem.

The solution is clear– have the South African government speak openly and honestly to President Robert Mugabe and tell him that his resignation is the first step on the road to ending the economic and social disaster in Zimbabwe and teh first step in helping South Africa.

Zimbabwe Impacts South Africa

The disaster of Zimbabwe has not only led to a collapse of its economy but it has compelled over two million people to flee to other nations. South Africa is trying to determine the best way to deal with the over three million in its land. Last year, frustrated South Africans went on a rampage and attacked the Zimbabwe refugees as well as those who had come from other lands. The South African government is examining the possibility of granting special status to the Zimbabwe refugees that will allow them to live and work in the country. A major problem is housing for the refugees, given that the South African government for years has been promising to construct new housing for its own poor.

The South African government is partially responsible for the current situation since it has refused to take a strong stand against the corrupt and inefficient government of President Mugabe. The best solution is to use all its power to force Mugabe from office and then support attempts by the Tsvangirai government to restore the semblance of order and prosperity. The best solution is return of Zimbabweans to their homeland.

Somali Refugees In South Africa Want To Go Home

Crises in Darfur, Somalia and Zimbabwe have resulted in millions of people flocking to South Africa in search of jobs and security at a time when there are millions of South Africans seeking work. Many Somali refugees were subjected to outbreaks of violence on the part of xenophobic mobs who rampaged through their areas burning, looting and physically attacking people. The result was the establishment by the South African government of camps to house and protect the refugees. On Monday, the city of Tshwane burnt shacks belonging to Somalis which meant they had no place to live. Ironically, many refugees are angry at the United Nations for seeking to integrate them into South African society. Somalis believe the UN is “misleading the government and everyone about our requests and demands.” The refugees want to be repatriated home to Somalia because they fear remaining in South Africa.

The real problem is chaos in Somalia which is currently trying to sort out who is in charge after Ethiopian troops have left and the weak Somalia government has collapsed. It is unclear if any single faction can create stability in Somalia. This raises the question of can Somalia refugees ever return to their homeland, and, if not, do they have a future in South Africa.

Mugabe- Press Freedom, Nonsense!

Morgan Tsvangirai, prime minister in the coalition government with President Robert Mugabe, is seeking over $2 billion in aid from nations in order to restore some semblance of order and stability to the nation which has been devastated by the ruinous policies of Mugabe. Several potential donor nations have demanded the re-establishment of a free media as the price for aid, but to Mugabe such talk is “nonsense” and he will not agree to restoration of a truly democratic nation since he would rather people starve than open his society to open criticism of his policies. The World Health Organization now estimates at least 3,894 are dead of cholera and about 84,027 have been infected by the disease.

Robert Mugabe must go if there is ever to be restoration of a viable economy. He has placed his cronies and fellow thugs in key positions in government and rewarded them with farms and wealth they will not readily surrender even if it would result in restoration of a viable economy. For Mugabe, his needs always take precedence over those of the people of Zimbabwe.

Is Racial Segregation Really Segregation?

New Zealand has a Maroi rugby team which reflects a cultural group and the desire to display their talents to the world, but the fact this team is only composed of Maroi raises issues for its proposed trip to South Africa. The South African Ruby Union has a rule that forbids South African rugby players to play against teams that have been “selected along racial lines” that might prevent the Maroi team from playing in that nation. The Maroi team in addition to playing rugby also performs cultural aspects of their culture in order to familiarize others about the nature of the Maroi people. Billy Bush, captain of the Maroi team notes, “I understand South Africa’s position because they have 500 years of (white rule). And it’s not long ago when Maroi couldn’t go to South Africa.” The only time they did get to play in South Africa was in 1970 when they appeared as “honorary whites.”

The New Zealand Maroi team is appealing to South Africa to waive this rule and allow their team to play against South Africa. Ah, the trials and confusion when we humans engage in the game of racism.

Mandela Supports African National Congress

It is impossible to separate Nelson Mandela from the political world of South Africa because he embodies the spirit that led to creation of a democratic society. Therefore, it was not surprising he announced that he would endorse the African National Congress ticket in the upcoming elections. He made clear that he regards the ANC as the group which has been in the forefront of the fight for social justice in South Africa. However, although we admire and respect Nelson Mandela as among the great leaders of the world, it is sad that he will not express views on the totalitarian behavior of some ANC leaders and attempts to silence the views of opponents. Mandela urges the ANC to adopt a positive attitude and not speak ill of opponents, but there are already signs ANC activists are attempting to silence those who disagree with their platform.

Mandela remains silent about the horror that is taking place in Zimbabwe, but he can not remain silent concerning efforts in his own country to silence opposing voices. He must speak out loudly and, if necessary, withdraw support from ANC members who refuse to accept democratic procedures.

African National Congress Threatens Democracy

Since the end of apartheid in South Africa the African National Congress which was led by Nelson Mandela has dominated politics. Mandela was a believer in democracy and fought to protect the rights of minorities, but the current situation in South Africa poses new problems for the ANC. The party has split down the middle and become two parties which means the long dominance of the ANC in parliament is now threatened by a combination of minority parties and the splinter ANC group. Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) blasted the ANC for bussing in its followers in order to prevent her from speaking. “We will not be intimidated by political thugs… There is a new fluidity in South African politics. The ANC is the weakest it has been since 1994 and the opposition is growing stronger.”

South African President has set the election for April 22 and called for “the right of all political parties to campaign in a politically free atmosphere.” However, the core leadership of the ANC will not allow its power to be weakened and it will fight to prevent the splinter group allying with minority parties in order to create a new political alliance.

South African Anti-Semitism Creates Furor!

South African Deputy Foreign Minister Fatima Hajaig, created an international incident when she blasted Jews at a recent meeting and claimed America and the world were controlled by Jewish money. She told a crowd, “Jews control (the United States), no matter which government comes to power, whether Republican or Democrat, whether Barack Obama or George Bush. Their control of America just like the control of most Western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money and if Jewish money controls their country then you cannot expect anything.” Ms. Hajaig, subsequently apologized for her remarks and admitted she was confusing opposition to the government with the entire world Jewish population. She also regretted ignoring her own nation’s commitment to a society that is free of bigotry and prejudice. “I offer an unequivocal apology for the pain it (remarks) may have caused the people of our country, and the Jewish community in particular.”

Many members of the South African community were upset at the “apology” which focused on the “hurt” rather than the substance of her ignorant remarks that Jews control the world. Many Jews oppose the recent excessive use of force by the IDF since the issue is human life, not Jews or Muslims. The death of a Muslim child through artillery fire is as horrible as the death of Zimbabweans by cholera or the death of Darfurians by starvation and brutality. The myth of Jewish power is hardly born out by human history. The goal is for Palestinians and Israelis to cooperate and establish peace in their lands.

Life In The Fantasy Of Mugabeland!

There is a land far away in which a wondrous Prince St. Bobby rules as only gallant prince can in a world in which there is poverty and hunger. At night, the brave Prince St. Bobby, gathers children around the fire and recounts tales of his bravery against the hated “colonists” and when children ask for food, he smiles, and announces he has something better to offer– more tales of his brave exploits in the wars against the bad, bad colonialists. Of course, there are always evil enemies who linger in the dark and help the bad colonists, but brave St. Bobby is not afraid. In times of darkness he sends his wife, the beautiful princess, on shopping trips in order to bring light into the darkness of Mugabeland which is surrounded by evil goblins and ghosts.

St. Bobby has a rival, the evil Morgan T., who demands that St. Bobby allow evil people to have power such as deciding who is in the police, but St. Bobby knows evil Morgan T. wants those who are starving to get jobs and bread. St. Bobby loves his people and if he allowed them to have bread and jobs they would become lazy and gain weight. He so wants people to be thin and lean so they will be healthy in poverty and become fast runners to win races in the Olympics.

Now, the evil and crafty enemies of St. Bobby spread tales that he only rewards his friends and allies, but the people of Mugabeland know it is better for them that all evil colonialists are gone along with their productive farms and jobs. Mugabeland people are much happier because who needs bread and hospitals if it means the friends of St. Bobby could not run farms into the ground?

There are legends spreading through Mugabeland that the evil Morgan T. wants to have is people in charge of the police and army. St. Bobby has tried over and over again to explain that power sharing means I have the power and Morgan T. shares in knowing that I have the power. Undoubtedly, evil Morgan T’s mind has been captured by the evil witches of England who spend their evenings casting spells over those who do not adore St. Bobby.

I have heard it told that St. Bobby wanders the fields of Mugabeland at night sighing over each dead body that has been killed by the evil colonialists. On some nights his friend, Count Thabo, from neighboring Mbekiland sits around the campfire where both share exploits from their brave days fighting the evil English demons. The people of Mugabeland sleep peacefully each night, in fact, so peacefully, they probably never will awake. Thank God for St. Bobby whose only goal is to make Mugabeland a place in which all the people have gone except for soldiers, and police, and the court of St. Bobby.

Cholera Moves From Zimbabwe To Other African Nations

Nations in southern regions of Africa increasingly are concerned about the spread of cholera from Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government is led by tyrannical Robert Mugabe whose concern for power is more important than the lives of the population. There was no cholera last year,but Mugabe made the choice of destroying his opponent in order to maintain power. Latest reports indicate that 2,100 have died of cholera and the number of cases continues to rise. Unfortunately, cholera is now spreading to Zambia and South Africa. Zambia hs seen 2,108 cases of cholera due to the madness that envelops Zimbabwe.

South African health officials say they are now encountering cases of cholera that must have originated in Zimbabwe. Former president Mibeki refused for months to exert pressure on his close friend, Robert Mugabe, and the result is that South Africans now face a cholera problem. Until nations of Africa unite to end tyranny, there will always be issues of disease caused by human ineptitude.