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What Is The Role Of Afrikaners In South Africa?

Many Afrikaner leaders increasingly are impressed by the words of African National Congress leader, Jacob Zuma, that the heritage of the Afrikaner movement will be respected in South Africa. Pieter Mulder of the Freedom Front Plus, said he was pleased at Zuma’s recent comment that “Afrikaners only have one passport. This is their home. They are just like me. I have said many times what is unique about Afrikaners is that they are the only white tribe on the continent which belongs to Africa completely.” In a recent meeting with Zuma, Pierre Theron of the Afrikanerbond urged the ANC leader to fight to restore the Afrikaner language to its rightful place in schools.

Afrikaners dominated South Africa for hundreds of years and oppressed its black skinned population which raises questions for both sides as to the role and rights of the once dominant white group. Theron wants the Afrikaner language to be used in education and to have more teachers who are versed in that tongue. It makes sense to have peace between all groups in South African society.

Children Of Zimbabwe Madness Live In Terror

They come by the thousands across the dangerous border leading from Zimbabwe into South Africa where they hope an escape can be found from hunger, poverty, and disease that President Mugabe’s policies have created in their native land. They are the children of war, condemned to live in poverty on the fringes of South African society. Prince Jelom is a 13 year-old refugee who fled Zimbabwe and now sleeps in a bus shelter or works an 11 hour day selling eggs or carrying bags or doing whatever will get him some food for the day. He told a reporter that he left Zimbabwe because he wanted to go to school and needed money for books and paper. “Many people told me that if you are not learned, you are nothing” and he simply wanted an education and food.

The street children can be found in South African cities, they have dreams but absolutely no understanding how to translate them into reality. They obtain a night’s lodging at a church and some food for the day, but most of the time they are scrounging for survival while slowly hopes for school get replaced with securing enough food for the day. They are the casualties of Robert Mugabe’s war on his own people.

South African leaders prefer supporting their long term ally, Robert Mugabe for old services in the fight against colonialism rather than being concerned about current needs of the children of Zimbabwe.

South Africa Urged To Halt Deporting Zimbabweans

Human Rights Watch (HRW) urged the South African government to cease deporting refugees from Zimbabwe back to a nation which has collapsed and cholera is spreading. Refugees need some form of humanitarian assistance since the alternative of returning to Zimbabwe would be for many a death sentence. HRW noted: “To avoid deportation from South Africa, Zimbabweans currently have no option but to claim asylum, placing even greater pressure on a system already struggling to process refugee claims according to international standards.” The tragedy of this situation has been the failure on the part of the South African government to exert pressure on President Robert Mugabe to allow an honest coalition government which can implement reasonable efforts to restore the semblance of a vibrant economy.

South Africa failed to fulfill its historic mission of being a beacon of democracy in Africa and the result it is now forced to deal with an ever growing influx of refugees.

South Africa Confronts Xenophobic Hatred

The people of South Africa fought for creation of a society in which discrimination and inequality ended in order to establish a multi-racial nation in which equity for all individuals was respected. However, during the past several months there have been numerous attacks by South Africans against refugees from Zimbabwe and other African nations who have migrated in search of work or to avoid violence in their own countries. Over the past weekend a mob of vigilantes caused a Zimbabwean and Tanzanian to fall to their deaths from a high-rise building while trying to escape their pursuers. Advocacy Officer Duncan Breen decried the ongoing attacks on fellow Africans by those who take the law into their own hand. “South Africa’s constitution provides for the protection of the rights of all” but there are those who prefer acting like vigilante mobs.

The attacks a few months ago against African immigrants led to thousands fleeing South Africa and the death of several Zimbabweans by those who were angry at “foreigners” securing work they believed should be reserved to those born in the country. It is a sad commentary that South Africans now attack those who come from other African nations even though in the fight to end apartheid assistance came from the very nations whose citizens now face vigilante action.

South African Bishop Urges Aid To Zimbabweans

The crisis in Zimbabwe has produced many studies and meetings by African leaders but few actions that assist the people of Zimbabwe. The Anglican Bishop of Pretoria, Rev. Dr. Jo Seoka, called upon his government to finally take some action even if it means sending South African troops into Zimbabwe to protect the people of that nation from the tyranny of Mugabe’s rule. He challenged the South African government to ‘consider seriously the humanitarian crisis faced by the Zimbabwean people” both in South Africa and in their native land. He also called on his government “to send a fact-finding mission that will inform and empower us to act decisively to rescue the innocent nationals of Zimbabwe, both in their country” and in places within South Africa where they are being oppressed by the forces of prejudice and hatred.

The bishop said South Africa has the right to send a peacekeeping force to Zimbabwe to protect civilians, “particularly those who are human rights advocates.” He also called for an embargo of supplying electricity since it is only being used by the clique which surrounds Mugabe.

The World Health Organization says about 30,000 people in Zimbabwe have been diagnosed with cholera. Two weeks ago, President Mugabe said talk about cholera was an example of lies spread by former colonial rulers of his nation.

Helen Suzman Dies At 91- Hail A Hero!

Helen Suzman, who single handedly fought against apartheid in South Africa as the only representative in Parliament who openly challenged the ruling segregationist National Party, died peacefully in her sleep. She stood alone for many years in her nation against the forces of hatred and violence which denied basic rights to native black skinned South Africans. She was the only parliamentary voice which condemned he brutal treatment of political dissidents like Nelson Mandela and would never cease making her voice heard not just in her own country but through out the world.

Congress of the People head Mosiuo Lekota said he and others imprisoned on Robben Island would always be indebted to her. “No doubt, those of us who spent years of imprisonment on RobbenIsland will always remember with gratitude Helen’s dispersed visits to the island to inspect the conditions under which we were kept. She would then return as a lone voice to expose the apartheid regime’s inhuman treatment of political prisoners.”

A giant is dead.

Zimbabweans Head For South Africa To Escape Death

The borders of South Africa are witnessing an influx of thousands of refugees from Zimbabwe as that nation collapses under the rule of a mad man who has lost contact with reality and only knows the rhetoric of past deeds. In the midst of an astronomical inflation rate, cholera spreading and millions facing starvation, the Mugabe family is concerned with taking over still another white farm since their personal wealth and power are the only things of concern. Thousands are seeking asylum and obtaining a place to sleep on the ground and some food to get through the day. Ironically, former South African president, Mbeki could have avoided the current crisis by taking a firm stand in defense of democracy in Zimbabwe, but he allowed his old friendship to stand in the way of the lives of millions.

Challenge Ncube, a Zimbabwe refugee, told reporters: “Mr. Mugabe and his thugs, the youth of Zanu-PF, they just destroy everything, everywhere.” Where are the nations of Africa during this time of turmoil and stress for Africans? Unfortunately, for too many the old rhetoric about western imperialism is more important than the reality of starvation.

Finally-South Africa Has Political Competition!

A tragedy of the fight to end colonialism in Africa was causing those who led the anti-colonial movement to become the dominant power in politics and stifle the free exchange of ideas and power. Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe is the most vivid example of the fighter who opposed colonialism only once in power to display all the qualities of what he had opposed. The African National Congress(ANC) has split into two rival groups which means for the first time in South African politics there will be genuine political campaigns, the formation of alliances, compromise, and the emergence of diverse ideas on how to develop the nation. The Congress of the People(COPE) is composed of former ANC members and is now mounting a vigorous political campaign in order to obtain control of the government.

Opponents of COPE charge it seeks to end affirmative action programs, but COPE has responded it wishes to maintain the program but seeks changes to make it more effective. Unless a nation has an opposition party that is meaningful, there is no opportunity to make changes or offer alternatives to those in power. COPE is arguing the current affirmative action program contains evidence of nepotism and cronyism in selecting individuals for positions.

Hopefully, the presence of two parties vying for black votes will encourage coalitions containing parties which contain people of Asian or European backgrounds.

Voice Of Mandela’s Legacy —Dead Silence!

The gallant fight by Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress for freedom in South Africa was supported by people in the UK, France, the USA, all across Asia and in virtually every African nation. People did not stand aside and say brutality in South Africa by an oppressive government was not their concern. However, despite the fact three million people have fled their native Zimbabwe to escape the madness of President Mugabe, and leaders of opposition parties have been beaten to a pulp, the government of South Africa does not believe the suffering of Zimbabweans has any connection to the people of South Africa. President Kgalema Motlanthe refused to join calls urging Mugabe to resign and allow a government representing the people of Zimbabwe to take office. He told reporters, “It’s really not for us.” He went on to question whether Britain or other nations had a right to decide what was best for the people of Zimbabwe.

The people of Zimbabwe have already spoken. They elected Morgan Tsvangirai as president, but the election was voided by Mugabe. What exactly does the South African president believe is felt by Zimbabweans living in a nation with a 212,000,000% inflation rate? What does he think they feel about over a 1,000 cholera deaths?

The world waits for Nelson Mandela to condemn the men who owe their power to his brave fight. It is time for another gallant fight by Mandela.

Mugabe Cries Plot-What Else Can He Claim?

Shortly after Adolf Hitler seized power he made up a phony story that communists were trying to set fire to parliament and used that excuse to arrest thousands of opponents. Robert Mugabe, the erratic leader of Zimbabwe is claiming there is a plot by former colonial powers to assassinate the leaders of his country as a prelude to invading and restoring control by colonialists. The air force chief, Perrance Shiri was shot in the arm as part of the alleged plan to get rid of Mugabe and his coterie of thugs and criminals who now run Zimbabwe. According to the government run, Herald newspaper, “the attack on Air Marshall Shiri appears to be a build up of terror attacks targeting high-profile persons, government officials, government establishments and public transportation systems.” There are reports of bomb exploding at a police station.

The entire charade is simply a ploy to divert attention from the fact cholera deaths have now passed 1,000 even though Mugabe last week insisted there was no cholera in his country and it was a myth created by former colonial powers. Of course, Botswana and Kenya have been leading the fight to get rid of Mugabe–undoubtedly examples of “former colonial powers.” Unfortunately, South Africa has blocked efforts to take action against the criminals who run Zimbabwe.