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Bush Success Story- Chief Recipient Power Company Funds!

An American power company with close financial ties to the Bush administration has ben named as one of the world’s highest producers of global warming pollution. Power plants now emit 40% of United States greenhouse gas and 25% of the world’s. Southern Company executives have given lavishly to Bush presidential campaigns and since 1990 bestowed $6.2 million on their favorite Republican candidates. A single Southern Company plant in Juliette, Georgia, already emits more carbon dioxide annually than Brazil’s entire power sector! lIt is the sixth worst pollution plant in the entire world. Southern is feared by many politicians in Washington D.C. because of its large lobbyist staff and the money given for political campaigns. Haley Barbour, a noted Southern lobbyist reportedly told George Bush after his electoral victory, “Hey, Mr. President, we didn’t elect you to have high energy costs.” After serving in the Bush administration, Barbour went on to become governor of Mississippi.

At present, US electricity companies pour 2.8 billion tons of CO2 each year into the atmosphere and lead the world, but there is good news on the horizon– China now emits 2.7 billion and is certain to overcome the United States in this category of being the world’s worst polluter.