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Soviet Communist Legacy–Alive And Well In Russia

November 7th marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of a Bolshevik government in Russia. In theory, the Soviet Union expired nearly twenty years ago, but its legacy is firmly established in Putin’s Russia. Vladmir Putin would readily fit into a Soviet Union Politburo where he undoubtedly would implement similar governing rules as he has today– disdain for a free press, opposition parties and the right of dissent. he abolished election of governors and replaced it with a system allowing the President to appoint those officials — a Communist era strategy of centralization of power. The judiciary has been intimidated, the mass media is directly under his iron fist control and one could count on the fingers of both hands the number of top level officials who played a role in the fight for democracy in the 1990s. Many nations that had been communist, upon ending that type of government passed laws forbidding former Soviet leaders from serving in the new democratic governments. Russia never passed such laws and today former KGB agents like Putin and former low level communist politicians dominate the Russian government.

Putin once described the overthrow of the Soviet Union as the “greatest geopolitical disaster of the twentieth century. If he continues his quest to be the ruler of Russia–indefinitely– he may have to revise that statement because he intends to ensure the Soviet Union never died but lives on comfortably in Putin’s Russia.