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Conspiracy Nuts Alive In Russia!

At a recent rally in Russia, a member of the Committee for Human Rights held up a sign saying, “Freedom Isn’t Granted, It’s Taken” in order to express his organization’s concern over repeated violations of human rights in their nation. However, authorities consulted several historians as to the significance of such signs in the history of Russia and according to Professor Rybnikov, the sign was a vivid example of the Dulles Doctrine to destroy the Soviet Union by arousing impressionable youth to violently oppose the government.

I thought American crazies had a monopoly on wild ideas such as that Barack Obama was seeking to impose SOCIALISM on the United States. Little did I know that Obama and the CIA were working with the ghost of John Foster Dulles to end the Soviet Union. Among his other powers, Barack Obama is able to contact the dead and wipe out governments that already have been wiped out.

Reading Dead From Stalinism In Putin Russia

There was a glorious opportunity after the end of the Soviet Union and Stalinism for the Russian people to become members of the democratic world. For a few years, there was high hope that wonderful goal would be achieved, but Putin arrived on the scene, and a modern version, less horrible, but still a version, of Stalinism appeared. The press was censored, the media became an arm of the government, innocent people were arrested on false charges, and the Russia so many of us loved and wanted to become a reality, is still trapped in the dead past. The other day, hundreds gathered in Lubyanskaya Ploshchad to read some of the names of those who died under the brutality of the KGB–Putin’s old stomping ground. Young and old read names of those brutalized by the Soviet Union.

“Kokakrevke, Alexander Danilovich, 30 years old. Exp[elled from the communal far for being a kulak. Shot January 31, 1938.”

The names were read with love. Hopefully, no names need be read in 2025.

Were Nazism And Communism Equal In Horror?

The Confederation of European War Veterans(CEAC) passed a statement drawn up by the Estonian Frontline Soldier’s Association in which the two regimes of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were equalized in terms of brutality and oppression. The statement received unanimous agreement and were sent on to the European Parliament. Estonian soldiers fought both for the Soviet Union and for Nazi Germany. The Defense Minister of Estonia noted: “Estonia and its men fought on both sides of the frontline not for communism or fascism, but against both of them.”

The complex ethical and moral issues raised by World War II may appear distant from contemporary societies, but they must be addressed. To claim Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II were equal in threats to humanity is a complete misreading of history. Nazi Germany launched attacks on Poland and Western Europe with the intention of gaining complete control of Europe and then most of the world. The Soviet Union piggy backed on the German invasion and took control of eastern Poland and then of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. But, there never was any Soviet Union plan to attack nations of western Europe. There was no Soviet equivalent of the Holocaust in which Nazi Germany intended to kill every Jew they could find as well as Gypsies and Gays. There may have been communist rhetoric about overthrowing capitalism, but the words were never translated into action. Nazi Germany was the threat to human existence and during World War II its forces killed over thirty million people.

The Soviet Union acted in brutal ways toward the people of Estonia, but to equate that behavior with the threat of Nazi Germany to the peace and security of the world is not in accord with history. The Defense Minister of Estonia fails to mention in his statement that Estonian troops assisted the Nazi German murder of thousands of innocent Jews. Estonian soldiers who fought in the Red Army did not kill Jews.

On Laws That Are Not Needed!

Legislatures of the world tend to have a propensity of passing laws that most probably serve no purpose other than pleasing someone’s momentary anger. The parliament of Lithuania just passed legislation that makes illegal the public display of Nazi and Soviet symbols such as the swastika or the hammer and sickle. It also prohibits any public showing of the Soviet flag, military uniforms or the Soviet five point star and definitely makes illegal playing the Soviet national anthem.

It is difficult to ascertain why at this moment in history Lithuania feels compelled to insult the people of Russia by declaring illegal public displays of the uniform of Russian soldiers who drove the Nazis from the Baltic region. What exactly is gained by such provocative insults to a neighboring nation? Lithuania can not forget the years of occupation by the Soviet Union, but the troops who battled and died to free the world from Nazi rule are certainly in another category. They should be honored and respected for ending Nazi rule in Europe.

Of course, there apparently is no effort on the part of the legislature of Lithuania to examine the horrible behavior of some(a small minority) of its citizens who collaborated with the Nazis. Another time, another place in Lithuanian history. How about keeping it in the past and going on with our lives today? Honor what Russia did right and condemn evil of the Soviet Union.

The Reds Are Coming, Says Indiana Jones!

The latest episode in the ongoing saga of Indiana Jones has upset leaders of Russia’s Communist Party who describe ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” as nothing more than cheap anti-Soviet propaganda which distorts history and should be banned in Russia. The film is set in 1957 where Indie confronts an evil KGB agent played by Cate Blanchett and they fight over a skull with mystic powers that can change the course of human destiny. Naturally, communists are the bad guys and Americans represent all that is good in the world.

Viktor Perov, a Communist Party member, bitterly commented:”What galls is how, together with America, we defeated Hitler, and how we sypmpathized wthen Bin Laden hit them. But, they go ahead and scare kids wtih communists. These people have no shame.” Sergei Malinkovich who heads the St. Petersburg Communist Party, is upset because young people “will go to the cinema and will be sure that in 1957, we made trouble for the United States and almost started a a nuclear war. Rubbish.”

Unfortunately, World War II, if it is taught, is taught poorly, and only represents the view of one nation about what happened. The youth of today are essentially ahistorical and have scant interest in anything other than what is currently operating and how it impacts their lives. I doubt if many young Americans have a clue about communists and as far as they are concerned, 1957 is some time shortly after the Middle Ages.

Holocaust Controversy Swirls In Lithuania

Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress accused Latvia and Lithuania of belittling the role of the Soviet Red Army during World War II in liberating eastern Europe from Nazi rule. He argued taking such an attitude is akin to denying the existence of the Holocaust. Lativa, Lithuania, and Estonia were taken over by the Soviet Union in 1940 creating extensive anti-Russian feeling. This anger toward the Soviet Union was exacerbated when thousands of Russians were settled in the three countries. The Nazis found many collaborators when they drove Russians out of those areas, and some, did assist in the killing of Jews. Thus, for many Baltic people, the “liberation of east Europe” by the Soviet Army marked once again being under Soviet rule. After the Baltic nations became independent, laws were passed against Russian residents even though thousands had been born in a Baltic nation. In addition, those who collaborated with the Nazis are often regarded as heroes.

President Putin expressed his nation’s anger in commenting: “We know that in several European countries laws prohibit the denial of the Holocaust, while the activities of Latvia and Estonian authorities are openly encouraging the glorification of Nazis and their collaborators. And, such facts remain unnoticed by the European Union.” It is unfortunate that Baltic leaders and educators have, on occasion, glorified those who collaborated with the Nazis. The Baltics remain a confusing area containing stories of bravery in aiding Jews and an equal number of stories depicting collaboration. President Putin has a valid point in his complaint that European nations do not acknowledge the debt they owe to the heroic Soviet troops who did more than any other armed force in defeating Germany.