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Roma Children At Risk In Czech Republic

In the war of words concerning discrimination in the Czech Republic against Roma children, leaders insist they seek equality for all children in the nation. Two years after the European Court for Human Rights denounced racial segregation, the Czech Republic continues its policy of segregating thousands of Roma children into special schools. A group of Czech NGOs named, Together for School accused the Ministry of Education of inaction despite words to the contrary. They accuse the practice of sending many Roma children to “special” schools is simply a cover up for racial discrimination.

In theory, “special” schools have been abolished, but many Roma children attend schools whose curriculum is designed to be “practical” which translates into vocational dead end and not encouraging children to attend programs designed to foster attending higher education institutions. Together To School wants an end to segregation, an end to taking the easy way out of complex situations, and an education program which helps ALL children to use their abilities.