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Is There Racism In Bulgarian Sports?

Bulgarian sports groups held there first meeting to discuss the topic of racism. There have been occasions in which Bulgarian sport fans have made derogatory remarks to players on other teams, particularly those having players from Africa. According to Illa Liev, “the biggest problem in tackling racism is there is no precise definition of what exactly is a racist act.” He went on to describe an incident which he claims does not indicate racism in practice. “During the hearing a huge debate arose as to whether the monkey chants had to be treated as racist, is it enough to compare someone to an animal if you do not specify skin color? I can’t say there is racism in Bulgaria. I think most of the fans want to annoy and frustrate the opposition, they are trying to annoy the Bulgarian players as well as foreign ones.”

Mr. Liev made not mention as to whether or not Bulgarian fans give the monkey chant to Bulgarian players, one would assume not. I simply don’t believe Bulgarian sport groups have any contact with reality if they believe making monkey chants while black skin players are on the field has nothing to do with racism. Has anyone ever heard such chants uttered when players from Sweden are on the field?