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Sri Lanka Slaughter Of Civilians Continues

Reports from Sri Lanka indicate that hundreds of civilians have been killed and over a thousand wounded during the recent army attacks to wipe out the last vestiges of insurgent territory. A doctor working in what was designated as a “no-fire-zone” said at least 378 civilians are dead and 1,212 injured during a series of attacks by army forces the previous night. This marks the bloodiest day since the government launched its all-out drive to wipe out the last remnants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) which is fiercely holding onto a sliver of land in the northeast section of the island. In theory, the government ordered civilians to get out of the way, but there is no way they can escape control of rebels.

As usual, the government denies any shelling occurred. The doctors undoubtedly never saw any dead bodies and the wounded were figments of their imagination. The continued lies of the Sri Lanka government simply reveal its inability to conclude the long, bloody, vicious war in a manner that would set the stage for reconciliation.

Sri Lanka Shelling Of Civilians Goes On Without End

During the past week, we have daily reported examples of shelling by Sri Lanka forces as the last remnants of Tamil Tigers cling to a small piece of territory in the northeast section of the island. Unfortunately, the government is shelling civilians who are unable to escape the end of a brutal civil war which cost the lives of over 70,000 people. Yesterday, doctors reported government forces had shelled a hospital with devastating casualties to civilians. Naturally, the Sri Lanka government insists there were no such shellings and everything is simply Tamil Tiger propaganda. Dr. T. Varaharajah, who works in a hospital just a mile from the front reports: “there were two attacks today” and sixty four civilians were killed and 87 injured.

The people and government of Sri Lanka have every right to feel a sense of vengeance toward the Tamil Tigers for the horror they have caused the nation over the past two decades. But, it is now over and civilians will be part of any reconstruction effort. It is time to reach out in peace and love toward the innocent who suffer just as much as those who are victims of hate.

The Non-Ending Civil War In Sri Lanka

The ending process of a civil war is as important as the origin of such a conflict. At the conclusion of the American Civil War which had resulted in the death of over 500,000 men, President Abraham Lincoln decided forgiveness and trust was the best way to heal the nation’s wounds. The Sri Lanka government has won its civil war as remaining insurgents are trapped in a narrow area in the northeast sector of the island. Sri Lanka’s president rejected calls from the United Nations for a cease fire which would allow civilians to escape from the firing zone. According to the UN’s satellite images, air strikes and artillery fire continue to hit areas which contain over 50,00 civilians whose only goal is to escape the chaos and destruction.

Sri Lanka pledged earlier in the week to end use of artillery and air attacks, but evidence from the UN satellite reveals ongoing bombing. Nearly 6,500 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the year since they are unable to escape the fighting zone. There is no question the Tamil Tigers are hypocrites in now seeking a cease fire, but the interests of civilians should take precedence over anger toward the Tamil Tigers who already have enough blood on their hands.

British FM Clashes With Sri Lanka Government

British foreign secretary David Miliband and French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner clashed with Sri Lanka government officials over the status of civilians who are trapped in areas controlled by the Tamil Tigers that are being pounded by artillery of the government. Sri Lanka officials insisted they had rescued over 200,000 civilians from the war zone but this was disputed by Miliband who cited UN sources that described the death of thousands of civilians due to artillery fire. Gotabaya Rajapaksa denied those reports and insisted it was merely propoganda by the LTTE rebels. The defense secretary said it was up to the British delegation to decide whether to believe what a terrorist group said or what was being told them by a Sri Lanka government official.

The Tamil Tigers began a rebellion decades ago and during the past years have employed suicide bombers to kill innocent civilians. Now, they seek to pose as peaceful rebels who simply want both sides to cease firing. Frankly, the only solution is for them to surrender an seek the best deal they can get. The other aspect is to end artillery use and allow normal activities to complete the clean up of the rebel.

Sri Lanka Government Ends What It Never Did!

During the past two weeks, the Sri Lanka armed forces have continuously denied employing artillery or heavy weapons in pounding away at trapped members of the Tamil Tigers. Today, it announced it was ending the use of artillery and air strikes which is remarkable given that they have never used such weapons in recent days. “Our security forces have been instructed to end the use of heavy caliber guns, combat aircraft and aerial weapons which could cause civilian casualties.” The United Nations claims that over 6,000 civilians have died since January due to the non-existent bombardment. A doctor working in the “no-fire zone” claims the area is still being bombed. Thangamutha Sathiyamoorthy says there have been nine air strikes in his vicinity during the day.

The Sri Lanka government yesterday rejected an offer by the Tamil Tigers for a cease fire arguing the offer was a “joke,” After decades of fighting and killing it is difficult for anyone to accept the Tamil Tiger claim they seek a cease fire for “humanitarian” reasons. They are whipped, they are defeated, and want a face saving way to surrender. Unfortunately, the struggle has lasted too long and they will not receive any consideration by the government.

Sri Lanka Rejects Cease Fire

The Sri Lanka government rejected an offer from rebel Tamil Tigers for a cease fire. As government forces are drawing the noose tighter around the rebels the victorious army did not appear interested in giving rebels who have been fighting for decades any opportunity to obtain their desire to appear as though both sides were exhausted and ready to end the war. Rebel forces had announced, “All of LTTE’s offensive operations will cease with immediate effect” on grounds of humanitarian reasons. The Sri Lanka government responded with a smirk, “What is the need for a cease fire when they are running away? They should first lay down their arms, surrender, and let the people go.”

It is too late for the LTTE to obtain any concessions from the Sri Lanka government after killing thousands of innocent people and even refusing to allow civilians to escape the trap. The end is the end.

Sri Lanka Tragedy Leads To Civilian Deaths

The long civil war which has caused so much death and destruction in Sri Lanka is over. The Tamil Tigers are trapped in a narrow stretch of the northeast portion of the island and are literally fighting for their lives against overwhelming force. Unfortunately, thousands of innocent civilians are caught in the Sri Lanka vise which tightens every day. Artillery continues to pound the encircled area and the UN is pleading for a cease fire in order to allow civilians to flee. The current UN estimate is over six thousand civilians have been killed. However, the Sri Lanka government is exhausted after years of war and death so it intends to go on until their enemy is completely crushed. There is no forgiveness in this government.

India has now become concerned because refugees are fleeing to their shores in search of refuge. The government of India has insisted there must be an immediate cessation of hostilities but it is doubtful their voice will change anything.

Tragedy Of Sri Lanka Goes On And On

In the history of humanity, those who believe in the righteousness of their cause invariably wind up doing more damage to their supporters than to the enemy. In Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tigers have waged war incessantly for over twenty years, but they are now being crushed by overwhelming forces of the government. As the Sri Lanka army cuts into Tiger defenses thousands of innocent Tamils are caught in the cross fire. Artillery pounds the Tigers who will not allow their own people to escape. The International Red Cross reports there are hundreds, if not thousands of civilians being killed or wounded because they can not leave the last piece of territory under control of the Tamil Tigers.

The Sri Lanka army insists they are not using artillery, but for some reason, Red Cross personnel hear and see the result of artillery fire. Yes, in the end, the innocent suffer.

Sri Lanka Madness Continues!

The noose is tightening around the last remnants of the Tamil Tigers as government forces pound away with artillery and have made it difficult for anyone to leave the area in northeast Sri Lanka where their forces have surrounded the LTTE. As civilians desperately tried to escape the bombardment, a Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger blew himself up along with Tamil civilians who were trying to escape being blown to bits by government artillery. Battlefield sources claim at least 17 civilians were killed including women and children. The people were finally able to extricate themselves from the trap because government troops destroyed barriers that barred their way. It is apparent the suicide bomber preferred that his own people die rather than escape to freedom.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) continue their desperate struggle to fight back against overwhelming odds. In a sense, they are like Adolf Hitler who desired that all Germans die if he was to meet death. What exactly were the LTTE fighting to attain the past three decades? Freedom for their people or freedom to die?

Death And Destruction In Sri Lanka Continues

After decades of fighting, the government of Sri Lanka has finally defeated the Tamil Tigers and confined them in a narrow area in the northeast portion of the island. Reports that thousands of innocent civilians were trapped in the narrowing circle of insurgents led to promises there would be a “no-fie zone” to avoid further casualties to the innocent. The Sri Lanka government has not kept its promise and hundreds of civilians are being killed as artillery shells pour into the area and rip apart the bodies of civilians as well as the remaining Tiger forces. Gnana Gunalan, a doctor in the area, notes: “most of the people have shell blast injuries and gunshot injuries. Some people have lost their limbs, others have lost other parts of their body, some people have wounds in the abdomen, some in the chest.”

The Sri Lanka government turned down an appeal by the United Nations to provide more time for the evacuation of civilians. The government now denies anyone wounded to be taken to larger medical facilities away from the “no-fire zone.” Is this the best way to end a civil war– by hate and violence? We suggest the Sri Lanka government read how Abraham Lincoln handled the end of a civil war.