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Onward Nazi Soldiers Marching As To War!

During World War II the people of Czechoslovakia suffered horrible attacks from their Nazi occupiers including the mass murder of an entire village, Lidice. One would assume that contemporary Czechs would not be glorifying the SS who killed their grandparents, but this is the world of MySpace and Facebook where ignorance of the past is all too common. A few months ago it was discovered that two soldiers serving in Afghanistan wore SS symbols on their helmets as they fought for democratic ideas! This was followed with disclosure that a soldier had an SS tatoo on his back. So why would young Czechs wander around with SS symbols on their backs?

The answer most probably lies in the ignorance of most young people about World War II and the horrors committed by Nazi forces. Many believe only Jews were killed and have no idea that overall over thirty million Europeans died during this war. How about teaching history?