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Mugabe Ready To Declare State Of Emergency

President Robert Mugabe is prepared to declare a state of emergency as his final excuse to continue disregarding law and order. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) believes many of its members who were abducted over the past few months by henchmen of Mugabe will be brought forth to make “confession” which blame British or American forces with a plot to overthrow the government of Zimbabwe. It is part of the charade employed by Mugabe to disguise is complete lack of respect for law and order.

Zimbabwe is in a state of complete collapse with cholera figures expected to top 1,000 in the coming week. A week ago, Mugabe claimed there was no cholera in his land and it was all manufactured by “colonialists” to cover up their plan of invasion. Unfortunately, no nation is preparing any invasion of Zimbabwe which

Pakistan Foreign Office Dismisses US Threat

Muhammad Sadiq, a spokesperson for the Pakistan Foreign Office dismissed warnings from US envoy, Negroponte, for an end to the state of emergency by saying, “This is nothing new. The United States has been saying this for many days. He has reiterated it.” General Musharraf is insisting the security of his nation comes first and he will not back down from the current state of emergency until conditions have improved. In the meantime, the provincial assemblies in Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan have been dissolved and caretaker governments established. Benazir Bhutto praised the United States for insisting on an end to the state of emergency and restoration of democracy. But, in response to questions about future relations with Musharraf, she responded; “This nation is waiting for General Musharraf to give a date to retire as Army Chief.”

A problem facing American foreign policy aims is that President Bush completely misread Musharraf just as he thought President Putin of Russia was a budding democrat. General Musharraf has been close to Islamic parties which are conservative and he undoubtedly is hesitant about linking with Buhtto who is much more in the moderate class. If he gets closer to her Pakistan People’s Party, the president runs the risk of alienating his conservative Muslim supporters. Ironically, the religious conservative groups of the Nawaz League are drawing closer to moderate Bhutto which creates a complex array of conflicting groups.

Pakistan Situation Becomes Murky As Opposition Opposes State Of Emergency

President Musharraf’s announcement of elections in January did not relieve the anger of his political opponents. The Pakistan Muslim League and other parties stated bluntly they would not participate in any election held under a state of emergency which has, in effect, suspended the Constitution. Musharraf has arrested thousands of people and taken hostile TV stations off the air which will impact the possibility of conducting a fair and honest election. He has revamped the Pakistan Supreme Court and charged its Chief Justice with being corrupt. Supreme Court Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry angrily denied the charges and demanded Musharraf offer proof. In the meantime, an unnamed former US official has been quoted in the American press as stating the American government has contingency plans for safeguarding Pakistan’s nuclear facilities. “We can’t say, with absolute certainty that we know where they are,” said the source. Obviously, dispatching US troops into another nation in search of WMD has been tried on a previous occasion resulting in disastrous consequences.