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Stockholm’s Interesting Inner City World

Stockholm is experiencing an unusual explosion in the life of inner city people– a rise in the number of children, but, those children come from native born Swedes rather than those from immigrant backgrounds. The number of inner city children under the age of five has risen about 154% over the past thirty years and during the past ten years the number has risen by 4,000 of the current 19,000. Swedes apparently enjoy the cultural aspects of inner city life, and prefer living where it is easier to access a good restaurant or go to a museum or visit cultural events. In Sweden, it is more likely that immigrants will be living in the suburbs rather than the inner city.

The attraction of being close to work is most probably one of the lures of inner city living. We should expect with the rise in oil prices that more and more people will opt for inner city life in order to avoid high expenses associated with commuting by car. There are already signs people in America are beginning to consider the attraction of the inner city world with its urban transit.