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Death By Stoning In Medieval Iran

President Ahmadinejad continually attacks the West for lowering morality in the Muslim world due to its movies or dress or way of life. In his view, Iran is a modern Islamic nation which has high standards of individual behavior. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is awaiting implementation of the sentence of being stoned to death for the heinous crime of “adultery.” Iran’s Islamic laws allow the punishment of being stoned to death if one has been involved in a case of adultery. A man found guilty of this crime is buried up to his waist and then stones rain down on his body, a woman is buried up to her neck before the assault begins to kill her. Ms. Ashtiani’s husband died and she was then charged with an illicit relationship with two men, subsequently, she was charged with adultery. Ms. Ashtiani claims her confession was made under duress.

There is nothing anyone can add to the sorrowful record of the Ahmadinejad government which has killed young people protesting in the streets and allowed women to be raped while in jail because they opposed his government. One can only wonder if Islamic law allows a leader to be stoned to death for the crime of murder.