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Danish Students Strike For Decent Learning Conditions

It is so nice to come across stories about students who are tired of being ignored in the current economic crisis. There are always billions of dollars to bail out business and financial institutions, but when it comes to the quality of education, students are told to wait at the back of the line. In America, the “liberal administration” of Barack Obama has completely ignored rising tuition costs, firing of teachers and terrible conditions in schools. About several thousand Danish students had enough and went on strike because they were fed up with out of date books, run down facilities and overcrowding. Half the nation’s gymnasium schools have been closed by these wonderful young boys and girls who are standing up for education.

Reports indicate up to 20,000 students will protest in Copenhagen alone. They are furious at cutbacks in counseling and homework cafes where students with learning problems get assistance. It is unfortunate, but sadly true that the current economic crisis has impacted education in a dramatic fashion and adults don’t give a damn. UP THE STUDENTS OF DENMARK!!