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Porno Psychology Student Banned

Lisa is her name, and porno is her game, but officials at Gothenburg University did not believe the psychology student’s extra-curricular studies did anything to enhance her performance in the class room or aid the university present itself as a bastion of academic integrity. Lisa was suspended for posing for pictures in a pornographic magazine. “They said I was not suited to my choice of future profession and that I was an embarrassment to the university.” She reported the incident to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education after she was told by faculty they would not allow her to participate in a work placement along with other students. Someone placed a copy of her picture in the post box of the course drectors and they became furious. Of course, it is still unclear what got them upset– the picture or….?

The Agency slammed the action of the university and said it was none of their business what students did in their leisure time. Lisa expressed surprise anyone could have obtained a copy of the magazine since it is not sold in shops.

In New York a governor exists in disgrace because he wanted to have sex with a prostitute and in Sweden a student gets canned– but later restored– because she posed in the nude. For some reason sex continues to influence how we define people rather than their intellect or ideas or personality. I would imagine a psychologist encounters many clients who are consumed about sex and pornography so why not an expert helping them obtain advice.