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The Rhetoric Of Anger Is Often Misplaced

The death of any individual is a tragedy and we can never by our words express our sorrow when an innocent young man is killed while walking the streets of a supposedly civilized city. A young student from India was killed in Melbourne, Australia, and this has led to expressions of anger and fury by the government of India. The foreign minister of India described the killing as “a heinous crime against humanity” and demanded the Australian government should respond to uncivilized and brutal attacks on innocent Indians.” He was referring to attacks on Indian students who study at Australian universities.

Australian Foreign Minister Simon Crean did respond with some calm words. Yes, there are murders of the innocent, he said, but “they happen in India. They happen in Mumbai.They happen in Delhi. It’s an unfortunate fact of life.”

Frankly, terming a murder of a young man a “crime against humanity” is strange coming from an Indian government official who lives in a nation in which over a thousand Muslims were killed a few years ago by Hindu fanatics.