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End Of An Iranian Dream Of Freedom?

The crackdown on Iranian protestors continues with police wielding guns and batons which are swung to hit the bodies of innocent Iranians who dare to believe their nation has free elections. Reports indicate ten or thirteen or even more are dead and hundreds have been beaten or thrown into jail. The Ayatollah Khamenei has lost the moral support of untold thousands of Iranian students who never again will believe anything he says about religion of life. He sold out his soul due to fear the people of Iran could not be trusted to support the Revolution that supposedly ushered in a period of democracy for Iran. The number of people in the streets is declining as reality gradually sinks into the minds of young students that their dream is shattered and they will again have to confront life in a lethal semi-dictatorship run by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Conservative American critics blast President Obama for remaining silent. Just about every expert on Iranian affairs supports silence since any comment by Obama will damage efforts of those seeking to gain some leverage with the Iranian government. There are times in politics when silence can also be a weapon. At this point, the only hope for young Iranians is for the West to keep open the doors of contact with backward looking clerics.

Canadian Student Groups Fined For Protesting

Four student groups at York University in Canada were fined for disrupting classes during their attempts to shout one another down over the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their yelling and screaming made it impossible for professors and their students to function. A York official commented: “considering students had been out for 12 weeks(during a strike) and some were sitting mid-term tests,” this kind of disruption was the last thing they needed. The university is also investigating complaints that a student engaged in anti-semitic comments towards a group of his fellow students.

The issue of the right of students to protest is among the most critical for the intellectual life of a university. The essence of an open forum to debate and discuss issues is vital if universities fulfill their obligation to be open to all views. However, engaging in shouting matches while other students are attempting to learn violates their right to gain knowledge. Perhaps, the best solution is to compel the pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian groups to engage in a week long series of debates.