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Students Stranded In Gaza

Rights groups from around the world are asking Israel and Egyptian authorities to allow students passage out of Gaza so they can attend schools abroad/. It is estimated there are hundreds of young Palestinians who have obtained scholarships or enrolled in college but are barred from attending due to the Gaza blockade. In a statement issued on August 14, Amnesty International warned that Palestinian students denied passage from Gaza may lose their university places and/or scholarships awarded to them. The group charges Israel refusal to allow students to leave is in violation of international law. Many NGOs are urging Egypt to permit the students passage through the crossing it controls and points out on previous occasions, people have been allowed to use them for medical reasons.

Israel officials who have devised the ridiculous rule dealing with students should be awarded a medal by terrorist groups for assisting their efforts to win over the Gaza population. The rules compel an embassy to contact Israel officials, the student must prove no one in his family has terrorist connections and an embassy official must meet the student at the crossing and escort him through Israel. Every student who loses a scholarship or is denied education comes away from the experience with intense hatred toward Israel. Perhaps, the idiots in charge of Israel policy can explain how denying educated people a chance to go to college results in more Palestinians moving away from terrorist propaganda?