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Islamic Leaders Decry Islamophobia

Leaders of the world’s Muslim states criticised a rising wave of “Islamophobia” in the West and pledged to deal with Islamic exztremism. A goal of the meeting was attempting to improve the effectiveness of the 57 naton organization, but even as its leaders urged improved cooperation, member states Chad and the Sudan engaged in hostile exchanges over Sudan encouraged rebels who invaded Chad. Any reconciliation appeared unlikely given the Sudan’s desire to cleanse Darfur of those opposed to its government.

Ekmeleddin Ihsanogu, secretary General of the Organization of Islamic States(OCIC) admitted Muslims were experiencing difficulties with the Western world. “Ignorance about Islam and calculated animoisty with deep historic roots on the part of a minority in the West, as well as our failure to defend the true values of Islam are the reason for the increasing wave of Islamophobia.” There were cries in meeting about the difference between freedom of the press and blasphemy.

Of course the delegates were unanimous in passing resolutions condemning Israel for its war criminal behavior and not a word was expressed about Hamas rocket attacks on Jewish cities. It is always fascinating how Muslim groups become furious at cartoons depicting Muslims but are silent about the constant barrage of anti-Semitic caricatures and cartoons that daily appear in Muslim newspapers and on the media.