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Darfur War Heated Up By Sudan Government Attacks

Darfur rebels accused the Sudan government of mounting massive new attacks in order to drive them from strongholds in the far north of the region. Three days ago the Sudan army driving in about 270 vehicles staged a ground assault on Atrun which forced members of the
Sudan Liberation Army to retreat. According to the SLA, there is a new and determined effort by the government of the Sudan to crush all rebel groups and assert its authority throughout the Darfur region. Ibrahim Al-Hillo from the SLA, said, “civilians in that area have fled. Government soldiers are shooting randomly in the areas. Civilians have been killed.

It appears the Sudan government has not abandoned its goal to ethnically clear out anyone in Darfur who might constitute a threat to the power of Sudan authorities. Rebel commanders claim Chinese oil workers have arrived in the region to begin oil exploration which is undoubtedly the goal of the Sudan government.

The tragedy of Darfur continues with thousands of innocent people killed, wounded or driven from their homes. Does anyone really care what happens to these people?

Janjaweed Commander Blames Sudan

A high ranking commander in the Sudan forces who led Janjaweed forces on their terrorist campaign to kill, rape, and brutalize people, confessed he conducted these operations at the behest of the Sudanese government. Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court are using a deposition made by Arbab Idries, who was a key Janjaweed commander between 2003 to 2007, as a key piece of evidence in bringing forth the case against President Omar Hassan al-Bashr of Sudan. In a filmed interview with a British journalist, Idries described how he was instructed by a senior government official to recruit Islamic Arabic speakers from the north of Sudan, then personally led 5,000 horsemen in a murderous campaign against black southerners who did not share their religion. He admitted his troops raped and killed children and the elderly. “We were attacking villages where there were only the blacks. These people were civilians. They had no weapons.”

Ironically, Idries and many of his own men had black skin, but apparently, they had the right religion. The government of the Sudan for years has insisted the Janjaweed attacks were linked to tribal disputes but the Idries testimony demonstrates conclusively, the Sudan government is responsible for the massacres in Darfur.

Unfortunately, the International Criminal Court has no power to force Sudan leaders to appear in court. Given the reluctance of African leaders to even deal with a brutal leader like Mugabe of Zimbabwe, there is scant hope they will turn on Sudan leaders.

Remember Darfur? It’s Happening Again

Darfur enters and slips out of the news with frequency. It appears the organized process of death and destruction on the part of the Sudan government has been renewed with ever increasing fury as janjaweed and Sudanese military resume their scorched earth policy of driving out the people of Darfur. The same old tactics are being used. Air bombings, followed by sending in ground forces, looting, killing and rape while the world stands idly by engaged in its endless debate on how to persuade the government of the Sudan to behave in a civilized manner. The Independent reports the village of Sileah, which once had a population of about 20,000, was found by UN officials now to have a few hundred left after the latest attacks by janjaweed and Sudan forces. Witnesses say girls as young as 10 were mass-raped by government troops. Most people are fleeing with whatever they have on their bodies and all possessions are left behind.

The Sudan government basically doesn’t care what Hollywood celebrities or if the world issues concerned statements, it goes on and on with the massacre of the innocent. In fact, the Sudan air force parks its bombers at the same airport which has UN planes. A tiny Africa Union force of 7,500 is blocked and frustrated by the Sudan government at every turn and despite more speeches by western politicians, the killing has resumed with ever increasing ferocity.

Sudan Official-Only A Few People Died In Darfur!!

A Sudanese senior official, on a trip to Japan, claimed critics had completely exaggerated the situation in Darfur and that only a fraction of those claimed to have been killed really got killed. Sudanese presidential adviser, Nafie Ali Nafie, said “Our estimate is not more than 10,000… quite a difference number from 200,000. I dare say that the situation in Darfur is more than 95% stable and secure.” He indicated his government’s displeasure with attempts to link Chinese involvment in the Sudan with an Olympic boycott. “The West will not be happy with involvement of any Asian country in Africa, simply because the West would like to see Africa as their backyard.”

Sudan’s government routinely disputes figures from dozens of world bodies whose estimate of deaths in Darfur range from 200,000 up to over 400,000. One survey by the Center for International Justice found that 61% of those interviewed reported witnessing the killing of a family member. Perhaps, Mr. Nafie can explain the Janjaweed which spread terrorism throughout the Sudan and routinely rape and kill.

Good News-Sudan Upset At US For Darfur Comments

The government of the Sudan summoned the top Ameican diplomat in Khartoum in order to complain about what they alleged was interference in their nation’s internal affairs. They rejected US criticism of the appointment of Musa Hiial to a top government post. The American government regards Hilal as the chief coordinator of the infamous Janjaweed militia which has killed and raped its way across Darfur. US Charge D’Affairs, Alberto Fernandez, was told “these kind of comments are a flagrant intervention in domestic affiars” and the Sudan government has the right to appoint anyone it so desires.

The United States has rather tense relations with the thugs and murderers who presently are in charge of the government of the Sudan. They are responsible for the deaths of at least 200,000 people and the displacement of another 2.5 million due to actions by Mr. Hilal’s janjaweed criminal murderers. It is time for every nation to express its condemnation of the Sudan brutality and to impose severe economic sanctions about this roge government which believes it can kill without receiving any criticism.

Teddy Bear Terrorist Goes Home!

The storm in a teacup episode created by the Sudan government over an issue that was much ado about nothing finally concluded with a gracious pardon by the government and releasing Ms. Gillian Gibbon from jail. The Sudanese got their “riots” from “angry mobs who felt insulted” and Ms. Gibbon was spared the six months in jail and forty lashes that could be inflicted on those who “insult the Muslim religion.” This writer believes the entire episode was fabricated by the Sudan government in order to deflect world opinion away from its horrendous policies in Darfur which are leading to the death of thousands. The entire episode was akin to a Kabuki dance in which everyone played their role, an “angry mob,” expressions of concern from noted “religious figures,” cries about insulting the Prophet Muhammad, and then serenity when Ms. Gibbon was released with a pardon.

The most interesting facet of this case was the complete absence of anger from any Muslim group other than the 600 member mob of “protestors” who suddenly appeared on the streets of Khartoum. The world’s Muslims stood by in bewilderment at the idiotic behavior of a government that caused the world to feel anger toward the Muslim religion. For those who respect the Muslim religion, it is the Sudan government which deserves six months in jail and forty lashes. It is expected Ms. Gibobn will be flown out of the Sudan within days.