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Sudan Forces Build Up In Darfur

Sudanese troops who are accused of killing more than 30 people in a raid on a Darfur camp have begun to build up their position outside of the camp. Darfurians fear another attack will continue the killing process that invariably is followed by Sudan forces. African Union troops have been alerted by villagers and are attempting to station themselves near the village. A total of 32 camp residents in the camp were killed, including seven children, when Sudan troops entered and began shooting. Naturally, the Sudan government claims their troops were fired on by “bandits” and simply returned the fire. It is not clear whether the seven dead children were part of the “bandit group.”

This is merely one more “unimportant” incident in which several people died because the Sudan government continues its brutal policies. The incident will shortly be forgotten, the dead buried, and Sudan troops will continue killing innocent people. American political leaders might shout, “we are all Georgians,” but, so far, no one has shouted, “we are all Darfurians.”

Ahmadinejad Rants On About Oppressed Sudan

President Mahmud Ahmadinejad blasted the International Criminal Court in the Hague for daring to accuse Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir of genocide. Last week the ICC termed Sudan policies in Darfur as a crime against humanity which has caused the death of over 300,000 people and forced nearly two million to flee for their lives. “Colonialist powers want to cut Sudan into pieces in their own ways, they want to prevent this country from having a constructive role in AFrica and the Islamic world,” charged a president who presides over a nation in which nine people will shortly be stoned to death for the “crime” of adultery. Foreign Minister Manuchehr Motaki condemned the action as “unfair” and “biased.”

Ahmadinejad does not see any difference between a leader who organizes and carries out a brutal program that results in the death of hundreds of thousands as well as the rape of women from accidental bombings in Afghanistan by planes. He charges “these are people who have not responded to hundreds of crimes committed by Saddam and the recent bombing of a wedding ceremony in Afghanistan.” But, Saddam Hussein was executed for his crimes, how about executing Omar al-Beshir for his crimes?

President Ahmadinejad is prepared to stone people to death for adultery, but apparently does not consider rape of women to be of such a criminal magnitude.

Jordan Newspaper Questions Sudan Genocide Charge

Rami Khouri, writing in the Jordan Times, raises questions about the International Criminal Court decision to charge Sudan President Omar Hassan Bashir with the crime of genocide. He suggests the indictment will result in Arabs wondering “if this is a new form of racism and colonialism that applies different standards of accountability for different countries.” Bashir is accused of masterminding policies to destroy three of the largest ethnic groups in Darfur(the Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa) by using the armed forces, the Jajaweed mlitias, and the entire government apparatus in an effort to kill civilians.

“But these criminal charges against Arabs in Sudan,” says Khouri, “have to be weighed against three other realities: massive crimes committed against Arabs by their own leaders in other Arab countries; crimes committed by Israel; and, the mass suffering, death, destitution, refugee flows, and other consequences of invading foreign forces– especially the American-led troops in Iraq. Will any of the crimes by Arab, Israeli or American leaders be equally investigated in due course?”

Mr. Khouri validly suggests all who go down the road of using violence should be brought to trial. However, international courts at this juncture in human history simply can not intrude into each and every nation’s immoral behaviors. Which country has not used force and violence in pursuit of its aims–both internally and externally as a society? The Sudan is an example of “genocide” which is defined as the systematic destruction of a group of people. Israel, the United States, Hamas, Hezbollah and others have all used violence, but neither of these entities is engaged in a systematic destruction of a people. Granted, a critic might say, I am quibbling, but international courts simply lack the jurisdiction or resources to deal with all crimes against human dignity.

China Insists Not Us, It’s Them In Darfur

The Chinese government is furious at a BBC documentary which showed Chinese made trucks which were sold after the 2005 embargo operating in Darfur. The BBC also charges China is training fighter pilots for the Sudan air force. Liu Guijinm, China’s special envoy to Darfur charges the BBC with b eing biased and singling out his country while ignoring what other nations have done in Darfur. “the program is strongly biased. China’s arms sales were very small in scale and never made to non-sovereign entities. We have strict end-user certificates.” Recent figures indicate China is only responsible for 8% of the Sudan’s arms purchases between 2003 to 2007. The Chinese insist western nations are m ore involved in arms sales in Africa than any Asian nation. Liu charged “a minister of an African country told me at an international conference in March that the Darfur has been dragging primarily because rebels keep getting arms from Western countries… and those arms are more advanced than the ones being used by government forces.”

One can agree that China alone is not responsible for the war in the Sudan, but it certainly has not done anything to support UN sanctions on the Sudan. China just vetoed efforts to halt the brutality in Zimbabwe which again illustrates its indifference to the forces of violence being curbed. The Janjaweed who are used by the Sudan government to kill, burn and rape use modern weapons and airplanes as part of their attacks on innocent civilians. China is supporting a government that has killed thousands and driven a million from their homes. If China wants respect from the world, it is about time it showed respect for the oppressed people of Africa.

War Heats Up In Sudan Region

During the past several years the government of Sudan has employed deadly force in Darfur which has led to the death of over 200,000 people and the displacement of over a million. It has encouraged rebel forces to invade neighboring Chad in an effort to overthrow its government. Several days ago, rebels, undoubtedly supported by the Chad government, launched an attack on Khartoum which resulted in some fighting and the death of hundreds of rebels. The Sudan government now regards itself as a victim and had cut ties with Chad and promised retaliation. “These forces came from Chad,” said President Omar el-Beshir. “Therefore, we hold the Chaidan regime fully rsponsible for what happened and maintain our right to respond to this crumbling regime which does not represent the will of the Chadian people.”

The government of Chad denies any involvement in the attack but the Sudan government insists Chad has been supporting the rebel Justice and Equality Movement(JEM) which is a major source of opposition to the government of Sudan. As the two opposing forces geared up for further violence, innocent residents of Darfur braced for additional violence to erupt against them. It apears regardless of the pretext for violence, Darfurians wind up the victims.

Sudan Bombs Darfur Villages-Seeks Economic Aid!

The Sudan government is seeking about $6 billion in aid from the world to help rebuild its devastated nation, particularly Darfur, where 200,000 have died and 2.5 million been displaced. Yesterday, a Sudan Antonov plane hovered over the village of Shegeg Karo for several minutes, surveyed the scene, and then dropped bombs on the market place and on a primary school. At least seven children were killed when bombs hit their primary school classrooms. Villagers said: “the Antonov hovered for a long time and then bombed repeatedly.” At least 30 children were wounded in the attack and the bombing of the marketplace area resulted in six dead and 20 wounded.

The government of Sudan denies any bombing took place although it was confirmed by the UN/African Union peacekeeping mission. One can only assume the Sudan government wants to be compensated by the world for destroying its own nation with these repeated bombings of Darfur. The killing of rape of Darfur continues and what is most sad is the lack of any outcry on the part of Arab nations for the genocidal policies of the government of Sudan. Gaza yes, Darfur no.

Sudan Threatens War In Chad

The government of the Sudan has done more to destabilize northern regions of Africa than any other nation on the continent. Its brutal policies in Darfur have left hundreds of thousands dead and wounded or refugees in other lands. The government of Chad reports tht thousands of rebels, who were trained and armed by the Sudan government, are massed on its border and prepared to invade. Defence Minister Mahamat Al Abdallah claimed: “Once again the regime (of Sudanese President) Omar al-Bashir, as part of the its determination to destabilize Chad, is massing, training and heavily arming thousands of its mercenaries to launch attacks in the next few days.” The Defence Minister believes the Sudan seeks to control central Africa as part of its plan to spread the Islamic faith in the region.

Many Muslims leaders are quick to attack Israel or the United States for actions they claim destabilize the Middle East and Africa, but they remain silent when the Sudan engages in genocidal policies or attacks neutral nations. This failure to seek stability in the end will only result in ongoing destablization and chaos for the people of northern and central Africa.

Darfur–Another Iraq Looming Ahead?

The legacy of George Bush continues haunting efforts to bring stabiliy to many areas of the world. His lies, incompetence, and bravado have transformed the United States into among the most distrusted nations in the world. Sudan officials claim their nation does not believe any statements made by American leaders. Former Foreign Minister Suliman Aba Salih, exclaimed: “The US says it is not against Islam, but it lies. If their policies do not change they will destroy Sudan politiically, diplomatically, and economically.” There is no question Sudan officials have been engaged in nonstop lying about the janjawed and their genocidal policies in Darfur. But, correspondingly, few nations now trust the word of George Bush.

There is growing concern the lack of a coherent political or military plan for handling the Darfur issue may result in an incremental process that would only create low scale and eventually high scale militant operations against a UN or African Union armed force. Chad rebels already are fighting against French forces and they have significantly destabilized the government of Chad.

It is one thing to dramatize the plight of the oppressed people of Darfur, but another to develop a plan of action that is feasible and will result in both stabillity for the people of that terrified nation, but move the region towards some resolution of existing problems.

Poverty, Hunger, War, Heck, It’s Cartoons That Counts!

War in Iraq, violence in Afghanistan, fighting in Gaza, beheadings in Saudi Arabia, but for some Muslims, the key issue centers around publication of some silly cartoons they consider offensive to the Prophet Muhammad. The largest demonstration against the cartoons was held in the Sudan capital of Khartoum, home of a government which has killed over 200,000 people and raped thousands of women. President Omar Bashir told the crowd that “not a single Danish foot will from now on desecrate the land of Sudan.” Of course, the despicable Danish are supplying Sudan with $26 million annually that will grow to $100 million in 2009 for use in humanitarian issues. Of course, the humanitarian crisis in Darfur was created by the man who doesn’t want Danes in his nation.

Pakistan, Jordan, and other Muslim nations passed resolutions, held demonstrations, called for boycotts, and acted as though this issue was among the important ones in the Muslim world. All they have to do is look around at violence, death, disease, and hate for evidence there are more important issues for their nations than worrying about a cartoon. Ironically, publication of the Danish cartoons has done more to damage the Islamic world than any boycott can ever accomplish.

Silent World Is Blind To Horror In Darfur

Darfur still attracts celebrities and the concerned who would like to do something for the oppressed people of that region, but, overall, the media increasingly ignores events in the war-torn corner of Africa. President Bush will relent in his opposition to “terrorism,” but after the required statements of concern, Darfur receives scant attention from the bold leader in the fight to end militants and murderers. UN officials describe the Darfur situation as spinning out of control and on the verge of all-out war, but, no nation appears willing to do anything other than express “concern.” Steven Spielberg shocked China by pulling out of the Olympics due to their Darfur policy, but the only response was for the Chinese government to boast it has sent 321 engineers to clean up the mess.

Eric Reeves, writing in the Sudan Tribune, blasted the silence of the lambs of neutrality. “And still, there is no international action remotely commensuare with these extraordinary dire accounts. On the contrary, we see only continued posturing and pleading, even as the lives of many hundreds of thousands of civilians in Darfur and Chad have moved into the cross-hairs of a sweeping new offensive by Khartoum’s National Islamic Front regime.”

The Sudan government is now attempting to destabilize Chad by backing rebel attacks in order to deprive Darfur refugees a sanctuary of peace from the continued brutality of Khartoum. UN and African Union attempts to alleviate conditions have been hampered at every step of the way by Sudan obstruction. Over 3 million are displaced. Muslims rise up in anger if Israel attacks result in the death of several people, but where is Muslim anger at the slaughter in Darfur? Is the “refugee problem” of Darfur of concern to people who never cease complaining about “refugee problems?” I do not mean to denigrate problems suffered by Palestinian refugees, but there is hypocrisy in the Arab press which launches no program to spark protests about Darfur refugees.

A Human Rights Watch observer witnessed an attack on the village of Saraf Jidad, a town of 15,000. “The attacks were carried out by Janjaweed militia and Sudanese ground troops supported by attack helicopters and aerial bombardment.” China has been selling helicopters to the Sudan, but, they have sent the 321 engineers. The hypocrisy of George Bush’s crusade against terrorism is blatantly exposed in Darfur. One suspects a divison of Marines could wipe out the Janjaweed. But, most probably, the best people of Darfur can expect is a concert to raise money.