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Keystone Cops Run American Security

Anyone who has ever served in the military of any nation in the world quickly comes to understand that when people are placed in charge of securing the safety of a country, incompetence and stupidity will soon appear. The recent example of Nigerian Farouk Abdulmutallab simply demonstrates the presence of incompetent bumbling suicide bombers as well as those who are successful. Dutch authorities announced they had offered to install full body scanners on flights to the United States, but American officials insisted either scanners were for all flights or they would not be installed. Someone, some place was gazing at some regulations when they made that statement.

The media is now aroused because President Obama did not issue a statement two days ago that he was upset at the attempt. Nor did he issue two days ago a boast of catching any terrorists who tried to blow up our planes. After all, George Bush made his boast very quickly and look what happened after he made the statement of catching Osama bin Laden, “dead or alive?”

I await denunciations by Rush and Bill and Glenn about how come Barack Obama was not checking passengers himself!

The Path To Death Is Sad

The mind of a true believer is impossible to grasp since even the individual who is convinced she alone knows the true path to glory and knowledge is unable to be an objective analyzer of the mind. Raniya Ibrahim came from a family in which both her father and brother had blown themselves up in the belief that killing innocent people somehow was the path to Heaven and was proof one was a true Muslim. It is easy to cast aspersions on such people, but, Raniya acted from the conviction that by being a suicide bombers she fulfilled her life’s work.

She desperately wanted to be the third person in her family who was a suicide bomber in Iraq. At the time this fifteen year old girl was arrested on August 24, 2008, she was wearing a vest packed with 20 kilograms of explosives and ready to blow herself up in a marketplace filled with innocent fellow Iraqis. Her husband whom she married at age 14 is a suspected al-Qaeda agent who was responsible for the death of dozens of people.

Her husband planned her death as he had killed other innocent people. Raniya is a tragic figure, but al-Qaeda members who kill fellow Muslims including innocent men, women and children represent what every religion contains — a minority who believe in death rather than life.

Suicide Bombers And Death Continue In Iraq

It was just another woman who was visiting a shrine at which there were many pilgrims from Iran who had come to pay homage. The women reached the check point, and then detonated her belt so she was blown to pieces along with about 36 innocent men, women and children who were taking part in Muharram ceremonies at the mausoleum of Immam Musa al-Kadhim, who was a key Shiite religious figure. Iran’s foreign ministry condemned the “terrorist and inhuman attack” and, naturally, blamed occupation forces for being derelict in maintaining security to prevent such deaths. Despite the tragedy, pilgrims continued their participation in the religious ceremony.

This attack took place two days after a male suicide bomber killed 232 people and wounded 72 at a tribal meeting just south of Baghdad. Unfortunately, Iranian leaders see nothing wrong with supplying terrorists to fire rockets or blow themselves up when the object are Jews or “crusaders.” Once the horror of terrorism is allowed to flourish it eventually devours those who created the terror.

Afghanistan Witnesses Further Violence In Kabul

President Karzai is reaching out to Taliban militants in order to halt the destruction of his nation as forces of violence continue to exert their influence. The latest example which depicts the weakness of his government was a suicide bomber who blew himself up on the steps of the ministry for information. The Taliban claimed credit for the incident which witnessed a man opening fire at guards before decided to explode himself and kill and wound several people. The incident highlights confusion which is now present in Afghanistan. Karzai is using the good offices of the Saudi Arabian government in order to broker some sort of peace with Taliban leaders, but does the suicide attempt reflect a desire on the part of the Taliban to illustrate its power or does it reflect internal divisions within the movement?

Most probably, if history is any guide, the Taliban is split between those ready to accept some sort of peace provided they can secure power in Afghanistan and those who will not end fighting in Afghanistan until they have gained complete victory. The best bet for Karzai is quickly securing some sort of peace arrangement. The problem remains — what is he willing to surrender in order to gain peace? And, the other question is –will the American government allow him to negotiate peace?

Violence In Pakistan By Militants

The center of Islamabad was rocked by a powerful explosion even as thousands of young radical Islamists gathered to mark the anniversary of the storming of the famous Red Mosque by Pakistan police. A suicide bomber blew himself up close to a group of police killing 15 and wounding 22. The police were on duty because a large crowd was expected since Islamic militants had been promising to hold mass demonstrations. The Red Mosque was the center of young Muslim females and males who were angry at policies by President Musharraf that favored the United States. The mosque was finally stormed with many deaths. A demonstrator in yesterday’s demonstration shouted “we are here to demand that the madrassas that were destroyed last year be rebuilt and people should pay for their crimes against Islam.”

The Musharraf government expected violence ever since launching an attack in Peshawar against the Taliban forces of Baitullah Mehsud. Lost in the controversy is the reality that m any madrassas have been built and financially supported by Saudi Arabia which propogates an extreme form of Islam even while decrying militants in their own nation. As long as clerics exert power in Saudi Arabia they will be teaching youth to hate the west even as their own government is allied with Western powers.

Sri Lankan Madness Goes On And On

Today, Sri Lnkan air force planes destroyed a Tamil rebel base in retaliation for suicide attacks which killed a government minister and 13 other people. Sri Lankan forces once again are “pounding away” at Tamil rebel forces, in a war that has gone on for quarter of a century in an unrelenting exchange of killing and destruction on the part of both sides. This seemingly endless war has caused the death of at least 70,000 people in a destructive cycle of death followed by death. It is estimated that Tamil rebels have probably undertaken about 240 suicide attacks against civilians during the course of a war without end or -purpose?

In the latest episdoe of mayhem the suicide bomber blew him or herself up at the opening ceremony of a marathon race, killing the highways minister, a formr Olympian, together with a dozen people and sending a 100 to the hospital. A witness, Nalin Warnasoonya, said: “I saw severed heads, hands, legs..” lying around”

The world little notes nor long remembers any of these death scenes on Sri Lanka since it is too busy with death in other parts of the world. Reports of what happened in Sri Lanka, at best, will get a passing moment on the six o’clock news report, and then on to the weather report. At some point, both sides in this troubled island must hammer out some form of resolution of the conflict.

Bhutto Released From House Arrest!

The Pakistan government freed former prime minister Benazir Bhutto from house arrest late Friday evening. She previously had been blocked from attending a rally against emergency rule. The Interior Department said the house arrest “has been withdrawn.” Earlier, Ms. Bhutto, speaking via a megaphone, from behind coils of barbed wire, demanded police allow her to lead a march to end the emergency rule. “I am your sister fighting for democracy,” she shouted to the crowd gathered around her compound. After the house arrest was lifted, she spoke to the press while in her bullet proof car via telephone: “I am not afraid of these tactics,” she said. “My struggle is for the people of Pakistan, for their rights and for an end to dictatorship.” A spokesperson for the Ministry of Information insisted her house arrest “was a temporary detention order to keep her from getting exposed to a very serious threat of suicide bombing.” Elsewhere, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the residence of a minister in the northwest city of Peshawar which killed four people.

The release of Ms. Bhutto undoubtedly is the result of intense outside pressure from nations like the United States. Musharraf apparently over stepped the limits of what he thought could be attained, and most wisely took a step backward. The real issue is whether or not Benazir Bhutto can cease being a corrupt leader which was so characteristic of her previous time as prime minister.

Suicide Bomber Kills 90 In Afghanistan Horror

A delegation of members of the Afghanistan parliament were visiting some local areas when a suicide bomber approached the group, stood by children and blew himself up. In the ensuing chaos 90 died and dozens were wounded. A local resident, Mohammed Rahim described the scene: “I saw bodies lying in the streets and some of the people were stealing the weapons of soldiers. Children were screaming for help. It’s like a nightmare.” The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack, but apparently the Afghanistan Taliban may not be completely under the control of a central command and most probably a local contingent of the terrorist organization committed the act.

The people of Afghanistan welcomed the end of Taliban rule in 2001, but George Bush decided to shift attention from the immediate need to establish law and order in the country and to completely wipe out the Taliban. Instead, he diverted troops and supplies to the mad adventure in Iraq. Afghanistan is suffering from the legacy of this mad man who is capable of initiating war, but lacks any comprehension as to what to do once a war has begun. One can also wonder how a Muslim man can justify standing by a group of Muslim children and killing them in the name of a cause. Who are these suicide bombers who kill their own people?

Bhutto-Musharrf Gulf Widens As Mistrust Increases

Ms. Benazir Bhutto expressed dissatisfaction with the initial official report on the suicide bombing that greeted her arrival home. It appears Musharraf warned her about possible attacks and asked Bhutto to delay returning, but Ms. Bhutto named three suspects behind the attack in her letter to the president, she claimed the conspirators were “people with powerful positions in government and included “a close friend of the president.” The strange alliance between two arrogant and self centered individuals had strains from the beginning but each needed the other for self interest. Musharrf is increasingly unpopular while Bhutto has popularity but also angers fundamentalist elements in the population

According to the Lahore Daily Times, Bhutto has named specific men including the PUnjab chief minister Caudhry Pervaiz Elahi and a former intelligence officer. By naming specific people, Ms. Bhutto has added a new strain to their relationship. Does President Musharraf take action against his close allies because Ms. Bhutto claims they are conspiring against her? The two allies are trapped in their own strengths and weaknesses, Ms. Bhutto has the support of many moderate components of the Pakistan population while Musharraf is trying to walk the thin line of maintaining his conservative support without alienating moderates and vice versa.

Pakistan is divided and there is no doubt terrorists will continue with their efforts to kill Musharraf and Bhutto. What will happen if either or both of them are killed? Has anyone in the Bush administration considered that possibility?

Taliban Rejects Karsai Offer For Negotiations

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan reached out to Taleban leaders in an effort to fighting in his nation. A few days ago, thirty Afghan soldiers were blown up when a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus. Karzai’s message to Taleban leaders said: “Esteemed Mullah(Omar) sir, esteemed Hermatyar, why are you destroying the country?” He offered to meet them any place in Afghanistan and gave assurances he was willing to offer the Taleban positions in his government including being members of the cabinet. A Taleban spokesperson, responded to his plea by saying there would be no negotiation in the “presence of foreign forces.” The American Embassy in Kabul is apparently upset at Karzai’s offer since it rejects any form of negotiation with the Taleban.Ironically, the Taleban and the United States government agree there should not be negotation. Karzai finds himself in a difficult situation since he cannot negotiate without the presence of foreign forces because they provide the military force ensuring he can survive.