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Day Of Carnage In Iraq Kills Over 100!

They arrived at a factory, walked calmly among workers who were leaving the textile plant and then initiated a series of bombings including blowing themselves up among the innocent people of Iraq. Of course, the process of killing l102 people and wounding 350 was a way of showing Allah that one believes in God and the sanctity of the Muslim religion. People’s bodies were sent flying, wounded lay on the ground murmuring in agony and rescue workers endeavored to safe as many as possible. But, even as they worked among the wounded, another suicide bomber walked into the rescue operation and set himself off causing dozens of more people to die or become injured. Such is life in Iraq.

President Obama has promised the American people our forces will leave Iraq next year. But, constant attacks and suicide bombers mean Iraq is months, if not years, before it can be a stable society. What then to promises of departure?

Bombs Away In Iraq And Afghanistan

A few weeks ago, the last American troops left Iraqi cities and people cheered in the streets at the departure of the invaders. Since Americans turned over control of cities in Iraq, there has been an ongoing series of bombings that have killed over two hundred and wounded over 300 Iraqis. In the town of Tal Afar, suicide bombers coordinated a dual strike that killed 41 people while in Baghdad bombs placed in a market exploded with deadly results. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan an explosion outside of a school resulted in the death of 25 people including at least 15 students.

Those who are not Muslim wonder how people claiming to have a deep Islamic faith can kill their own children in the name of the Koran or God or whoever. There have been suicide bombers and terrorists throughout human history, but, ordinarily they were guided by love of their country and its people. The most surprising aspect of Muslim terrorism is that those doing the killing appear to prefer killing Muslims than non-Muslims. It is a rather unusual approach to terrorism in human history.

Children Of Al-Qaeda Arrested In Iraq

Iraqi security forces have arrested four children they claim were recruited by al-Qaeda to carry out suicide attacks in and around the city of Kirkuk. General Abdelamir al-Zaidi said; “Special forces units have arrested in organization of children consisting of four individual under the age of 14 who call themselves the Birds of Paradise.” He claimed children are recruited to assist in suicide bombing and help set roadside bombs. The use of children is but one of many examples of how al-Qaeda reaches into the fabric of a society and seizes control of youth. The real question to ask is–why is youth attracted to al-Qaeda? Which aspects of its philosophy of violence appeal to young minds?

In the end, the conflict with al-Qaeda is centered in ideas, not just military action. It is up to Muslim societies to deal with this conflict, not the west.

Suicide Bombing In Kabul

It was just another Toyota car weaving its way through the streets of Kabul. The driver was halted a few times, he smiled, waved and moved on. The driver entered an area in which there were many German soldiers as well as American. He saw a car that had several Germans and headed toward it, but was blocked. He saw some Afghan soldiers moving toward him, reached to his chest, pulled the wire and was blown up along with four Afghan soldiers. He did manage to wound six American soldiers. It was just another day in the world of Afghanistan Taliban militants whose goal is chaos and destruction.

The United States, including those in the incoming Obama administration believe the solution is an additional 30,000 soldiers in Afghanistan. There will be no changes in the corrupt Afghanistan government which increasingly has lost support among the average people of the war torn nation, just more troops, and then more troops. Does more mean better is the real question? Does Obama have a new strategy or is his warmed over Bushism one more time?

Al-Qaeda’s War On Children

In a recent article appearing in the Saudi Gazette, a student in a class which educates Saudis who have become involved in terrorist activities to reconsider their actions in light of Muslim teaching, a young man described going to Iraq and discovering he was being asked to kill fellow Muslims by being a suicide bomber. Yesterday, Iraq suffered a horrible sequence of suicide bombers who indiscriminately blew themselves up causing the death of dozens and wounding of even more. In the town of Baquoba at least 35 died while in Baghdad another 31 were killed along with numerous who were wounded. In a separate attack, a 13 year old girl blew herself up killing four people. It increasingly becomes evident al-Qaeda is recruiting teenagers who are less able to resist persuasive arguments and thus more prone to blow themselves up in some disconnected idea about truth and peace.

The people who died were all Muslims and all civilians who had never done anything to stop terrorism and their punishment was death by explosion. Is this the best way Muslim fighters for their ideals can function? Is the killing of young girls somehow linked to the Muslim religon? There is sadness in sending children to their deaths in the name of some cause that adults seek.

Somalia Crisis Worsens As Bombs Kill Dozens

Two years ago, President Bush encouraged the Ethiopian government to invade the Muslim nation of Somalia and overthrow its government. Bush feared the presence of an Islamist fundamentalist government posed a threat to American interests. The invading Christian Ethiopians opened the door for Islamist militants to resume guerrilla warfare. A wave of synchronised suicide attacks on UN, and diplomatic and government institutions. The careful organization of the suicide bombers was unusual for a Somalia militant operation. It indicates there is growing sophistication in resistance on the part of Islamic forces.

The attacks focused on institutions such as the Ethiopian consulate, ministry offices, and UN aid organizations. The situation has grown worse, not better since the American sponsored invasion took place. Perhaps, it is time to discuss with militants about the possibility of a coalition government.

Suicide Bombers In Pakistan -Who Is Behind Bombing?

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the gates of an important army munitions factory resulting in the death of about 70 innocent workers and injuries to dozens more. The Taliban immediately claimed credit for the bombing and according to its spokesman, Maulvi Omar, the bombing was in response to recent military actions in tribal areas of the northwest. Virtually, all of those killed were civilian workers and there are no reports of military personnel being among the dead. The incident raises many questions. The factory supposedly was located in a high security area, but two suicide bombers somehow walked through this tight security area and came right up to the gates where they blew themselves up as workers were leaving their shift. It is difficult to imagine two strangers walking calmly through a high security area loaded with bombs without someone checking their identity of at least searching them.

There have been many reports about Pakistan’s notorious Intelligence Service which has worked with terrorists for years. Reports from Pakistan indicate Pakistan People’s Party co-chair, Asif Ali Zardari will become the new president. Perhaps, his first action would be to conduct extensive investigations into Pakistan Intelligence and any connection they might have with suicide bombers.

Suicide Bombers And Insurgency In Afghanistan

During fighting in the Vietnam War, American military experts were usually quite struck by the fact it was North Vietnamese communist soldiers who were more willing to kill themselves in the fight against their enemies while South Vietnam soldiers would run away rather than commit suicide. The past few days in Afghanistan have witnessed an ambush of French paratroopers, elite fighting men, by the Taliban and the death of 10 French soldiers which represents the highest number killed in a single battle in Afghanistan. Repots indicate four o the French soldiers were kidnapped and then killed. Even as the French were dying, in a daring attack, a team of suicide bombers tried to storm a US base near the Pakistan border. The attacks came just a few days after suicide bombers killed themselves outside the camp and killed innocent civilians.

The willingness of members of the Taliban to commit suicide in order to kill the enemy is frightening in many respects but it also demonstrates the strength of belief that opposes coalition and US forces in Afghanistan. A strong willed group opposes the Afghanistan government and it is willing to die for its belief. The US learned forty years ago when confronting such fighters the solution was not sending in more soldiers, but fighting to win the hearts of the civilian population. The battle for Afghanistan will best be fought via ideas, improved economic and social conditions, and, above all, an education system that creates a sense of patriotism and support of the government.

German Government Fears Terror Attack

Germany has among the largest Muslim society in Europe which has caused concern that among these millions a few terrorists will emerge to create terror within the nation. German authorities have uncovered evidence from the Islamic Jihad Union, a group that has been monitored for years, of possible upcoming attacks within Germany. An important member of the group is Eric B. who has been the object of an extensive search. He is seen in a video, which depicts a suicide bomber trained by the group, who blow himself up in Afghanistan and kills American soldiers. Eric B. also has close ties with the Sauerland Cell which has trained suicide bombers for action in Afghanistan.

No society can prevent suicide bombers from doing damage. Obviously, the best strategy is avoiding these incidents. Germany for years has not done enough to end prejudice in its country or to absorb young Muslims into high tech occupations or in positions where they can feel a sense of belonging and power. A preventive approach may well, in the end, prove more effective than only relying on police operations.

Suicide Knows No Gender Claim Muslim Women

Muslim extremist women are challenging al-Qaida’s refusal to include or at least acknowledge women have played in the suicide bombing program. In a response to a female questioner, Ayman Al-Zawahri said in April the only role for women is caring for homes and children of al-Qaida fighters. There is some confusion about his comment since women have been involved in several suicide bombing efforts in Iraq. A woman, using the name Rabeebat Al-Silah,(Companion of Weapons)commented on the Internet that after listening to his comments “my heart was about to explode in my chest. I am powerless.” Her views apparently reflects those of Muslim women who feel a strong commitment to fight with al-Qaida and welcome the chance to die in the service of something higher than their own lives.

A woman, Umm Farouq or mother of Farouq wrote on the Internet; ” I use my pen and wrods, my honest emotions, Jihad is not exclusive to men.” There is no way to know what percent of Muslim women share these views which welcome death in the cause of al-Qaida. Throughout history there have always been men and women ready to die in a noble cause. Perhaps, some of these women ignore the other noble cause — creating free and vibrant Muslim societies in which people of all faiths work together in peace and harmony.