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Madness In Iraq Continues With New Suicide Attacks

The Bush administration insists the Iraq situation is improving and cites figures which may or may not reflect a decline in violence. However, to the average Iraqi, the level of violence is measured against what occurs in their daily lives. Yesterday, wedding guests gathered in the streets of Bala Ruz, in the province of Diyala. They were prepared to celebrate some weddings when suddenly two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the midst of the crowd. According to an eye witness, “The first bomber blew himself up amid a crowd of people. Minutesd later another bomber blew himself up as people were trying to rescue the victims of the first attack.” Earlier in the day, a car bomb blew up in central Baghdad as a US patrol passed causing the death of at lelast eight civilians.

In the meantime, Shiite leader Muqatda al-Sadr refused to meet with Iraqi MPs who came to see him in Iran. He insists the legislature must resolve the crisis but has yet to be specific as to his demands. At this point, no one knows how to engage al-Sadr in the political process.

US General Urges Al-Sadr To Halt Military Action

A top level American general urged Muqtada al-Sadr to rein in his armed forces after a US soldier was killed during a gun battle with miilitants who support the radical cleric. Despite al-Sadr’s rhetoric about initiating extensive action in response to attacks by Prime Minister Maliki’s troops, the American military has avoided directly criticizing al-Sadr, and blame fighting with his militant supporters on a break away group. “We do not attribute what we’ve seen to JAM,” said General Llod Austin III, using the Iraqi acronym for al-Sadr’s Mahdi army. However, he urged that “Sadr will choose the road of peace and responsibility.” The killing of the soldier raised the level of dead Americans to 34 so far in April which represents the highest mark since September when 65 were killed.

During recent days suicide bombers blew up a cart loaded with explosives near an Iraqi police station and a half hour later a parked car bomb blast went off near a police patrol. Last weekend, the terror network boasted it was initiating a new offensive against the Americans and their Iraqi allies. On Tuesday, a woman suicide bomber killed 18 people in Diyala province.

In Afghan Fields, The Poppies Blow….

It was just another day in Afghanistan, another British soldier died when his vehicle hit a mine. Staff at the British embassy in Afghanistan have taken to wearing white cardboard poppies in their lapel in honor of British dead, it also the famous line about the British soldiers who died in Flanders fields in WWI. A Kabul bookseller inquired of his British customer about the poppy because to his people, poppies represent money for farmers or for the Taliban or for drug dealers. Most of fighting in Afghanistan has been in southern regions but a few days ago a blast in the northern city of Baghian left seventy dead, including sixty children as well as over a hundred wounded. Even as 7,700 British troops are deployed in Afghanistan, there is frustration at refusal by many NATO nations to send troops or to place restrictions on there being allowed to serve in combat areas.

A recent Taliban slogan has become an effective piece of propoganda. It states, “You have the watches, we have the time.” It is becoming apparent there is considerable lack of enthusiasm among NATO nations to have their soldiers serving in Afghanistan. We are left with the Bush legacy of abandoning Afghanistan in order to invade Iraq leaving chaos in both areas of the world. Is the president going to send 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan in another “surge” movement? “In Flanders fields, the poppies blow…”