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China Claims Tibetans Plan Suicide Attacks

Chinese officials claimed Dalai Lama supporters were planning to launch more attacks upon the innocent forces of China who have come to Tibet to mprove the lives of its people. “To ur knowledge, the nexdt plan of the Tibetan independence forces is to organize suicide squads to launch violent attacks,” said Wu Heping speaking for the Public Security Bureau.Wu insisted Tibetn terrorists “fear neither bloodshed nor sacrifice.” Beijing accuses the Dalai Lama of beng behind these potential acts of violence. Of course, the Dalai Lama has repeatedly urged his followers to pursue the path of peace and non-violence, but Chinese leaders prefer to demonize him as a force of evil.

Samdhong Rinpoche, speaking for the Tibetan government in exile responded to these silly charges by noting: “Tibetan exiles are 100 percent committed to nonviolence. There is no question of suicide attacks. But, we fear that Chinese might masquerade as Tibetans and plan such attacks to give bad publicity to Tibetans. There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that we want to follow the nonviolent path.”

Wu offered no details of how his government had learned of the existance of supposed suicide forces other than using the Chinese expression “gan su dui” which means, “dare-to-die corps.” He also claimed Chinese forces had turned up at least 176 guns, 356 knives, two actual hand grenades and some dynamite that Tibetans had in their possession.

Hopefully, if there is such a thing as the “dare-to-die corps” it will come prepared with more than two grenades and a few knives. Of course, no such group exists.