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Indonesian Terrorist Bombing Averted

Indonesian police were able to foil a planned terrorist attack on Western tourists in Sumatra after a planned attack by Islamist militants was called off at the last moment when they realized their attack would essentially result in the death of Muslims, not westerners. Ten men were arrested in the Sumatran resort town of Bukittinggi where they had already planted some explosives in a cafe when they became aware of who was in the cafe. Police said the men then decided to plant bombs in Jakarta but one of them informed on the others when he was picked up by the police.

A few years ago, over 200 western tourists were killed in Bali by such terrorists who seek to destabilize Indonesian by cutting off tourist revenues. The incident once again proves the importance of effective police work and the use of informants to thwart terrorism. Of course, one is left wondering why terrorists thought planting bombs in Jakarta was a lesser threat to Muslims.