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Hugo Chavez, The Mouse That Squeaks Nonsense

Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela who cannot keep a tight lid on his mouth, roared into the limelight with another of his absurd statements. In his weekly TV program to the nation, Chavez told the audience that Chancellor Merkel of Germany, “is from the German right, the same that supported Hitler, that supported fascism, that’s the Chancellor of Germany today. Ms. Chancellor, you can go to…..” He hesitated a moment and then added, “Because you’re a lady, I won’t say any more.” His outburst came after Merkel told the German news agency, DPA, that “President Chavez does not speak for Latin America. every country has its own voice with which to pursue its own interests.” She is preparing to go to Peru on Friday for the summit meeting between European and Latin American leaders.

Chavez apaprently can’t keep his mouth shut because he promised to confront Chancellor Merkel at the meeting and provoke her into telling him to say “why don’t you shut up” which was told him several months ago by King Juan Carlos at a Latin American meeting attended by the Spanish govenment.

Hugo Chavez is a tragic figure because he has the opportunity to work for peace within Latin America but has proceeded on a path of verbal violence which seeks to provoke rather than seeks to resolve issues. He is a poseur who pretends to support the working class but all he does is support his quest for unlimited power.

Mugabe, Darfur Discord Disrupts Summit Meeting

European and African nations agreed on some free trade issues at their summit meeting, but conflicting ideas on how to handle the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and the Darfur genocide overshadowed other issues. The European Union is increasingly concerned over inroads being made by China which is establishing economic ties with many African nations. It was hoped this first meeting between member states of both continents could herald the birth of new partnership that would head off the Chinese influence. Instead, the anger over allowing Mugabe to attend despite his horrific record in ruining his nation’s economy and brutal treatment of those opposing him led to a boycott by English Prime Minister Brown and continual discussions at the sessions about Mugabe. The ongoing crisis in Darfur also aroused anger among many European nations who believe Africa is failing to rise to the challenge of policing its own members when they engage in genocidal actions.

The coming years will witness the rise of China as a dominant trading and economic power in Africa. The Chinese government always places economic considerations as their highest priority and will never get bogged down over extraneous issues such as human rights.

Summit Meeting In Turkey To Resolve Kurdish Problem

Foreign ministers of major nations in the Middle Eastern region and other major powers, are meeting in an effort to avoid war between Turkey and Iraq over Kurdish rebel attacks on the Turkish military. Secretary of State Rice and President Maliki of Iraq are joining the group in order to discuss initial draft documents. The Turkish government has been holding off on imposing economic sanctions or taking military action until the summit meeting has terminated and they have had an opportunity to talk with Secretary of State Rice. The draft document which will be reviewed, calls on Iraq to take effective measures to control its borders and prevent terrorist attacks from its territory upon other nations. The summit is attempting to explore the broader issue of terrorism which is a concern of all participants. Iran, for example, is being attacked by insurgents operating out of Iraqi soil. Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki is also participating in the meeting. Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan emphasized that any measures taken by his nation will only target “the terrorist organization and not Iraq or the Iraqi people.”

Perhaps, one hopeful outcome of this summit meeting is creating a secretariat of regional foreign ministers who would meet on a regular basis in order to handle ongoing issues. Such a group would foster positive relations and trust. Of course, it would be extremely helpful, if at some point, Israel joined the group.