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Sunni Muslims To Hezbollah–No Surender!

Lebanon’s Sunni Muslim leader, Saad Al-Hariri pledged there would be no political surrender to what he termed a bid by Hezbollah and its Syrian and Iranian backers to impose their will on the nation by force. Hariri said they”simply are demanding that we surrender, they want Beirut to raise the white flag..This is impossible.” He promised Hezbollah and its allies “they will not be able to obtain Saad Ali Haririr’s signature.. on a deed to surrnder to the Iranian and Syrian regimes.” Hezbollah forces have routed western backed government forces in Beirut and in mountainous areas around the city. The success of Hezbollah has ruined the credibility of the Saniora government and its main patron, the United States. Saudi Arabia warned Iran if it endorsed Hezbollah’s actions it would impact how other Arab nations relate to the Iranian government.

In Tehran, President Ahmadinejad denied any involvement with Hezbollah and insisted “Iran is the only country not interfering in Lebanon.” The entire Middle East knows Iran has been supplying Hezbollah, but Ahmadinejad continues trying to deny the obvious.

Future historians will note that every action undertaken by the Bush administration in the Middle East has wound up disastrously. The world awaits anxiously for a new administration which simply has to do better than Bush who is batting, zero in the success campaign.