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Clinton Supporter Switches To Obama

Joe Andrew, who was Democratic National Comittee chairman under Bill Clinton, announced he was switching his allegiance from Senator Clinton to Senator Obama. In making hs decision, Andrew urged fellow Democrats to join him in ending the debacle known as the Democratic party presidential primary. His letter to fellow superdelegates emphasized continuing the nasty fighting that now characterizes the primary is only bound to assist the candidacy of Senator John McCain. “I am convinced that the primary process has devolved to the point that it’s now bad for the Democratic Party,” he said in an interview.

Democracy allows anyone to participate as long as they so desire in the process of campaigning, but the Democratic Party process has now become so personal in attitude that voters are being asked to select their choice based on likes rather than on ideas. Part of the dilemma is that, in reality, the two candidates are not that different in agenda other than a few points related to their health plans.

History in future years will discuss decisions made or not made in this primary about continuing a fight that was only bound to destroy the party even if it resulted in a personal triumph. We have two loyal Americans running in the Democratic prmary, but do we have two loyal Democrats?