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Can China Help In Afghanistan?

China increasingly has been confronting problems with its Muslim minority which ordinarily is found in western areas of the nation including border areas which are next to Afghanistan. NATO and the United States are urging China to become more involved in the military situation in Afghanistan since it benefits its own interests in crushing Muslim insurgencies. There is also considerable interest in using supply routes that would go through China and avoid worrying about insurgents on the border of Pakistan who constantly harass the shipment of supplies from that nation into Afghanistan. Until now China has been supportive of the Afghanistan government, but hesitant to get involved in any military action.

It is ironic that both Russia and China, are now being asked by the West to examine its own self interests by fighting to crush Muslim insurgents. There is also hope that somehow China might be willing to offer its own soldiers to fight in Afghanistan. A collapse of the current Afghan government would have serious consequences for China since it might inspire Muslims across the border to initiate an insurgency against the Chinese government.