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Pakistan In A Quandary-East Or West?

The Pakistan army is confronting a quandary as to which way it should be facing–to the east against India or to the west against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. There are reports Pakistan forces have been moving away from the northeast frontier and shifting over to eastern regions in order to face up against the Indian army. The Pakistan military insisted Indian troops had been moved close to the border, but the Indian army insists there has been no such movement. As uncertainty grows concerning the effort Pakistan will place on dealing with the Taliban, Coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan may soon face a problem if there supply routes are blocked by Taliban insurgents. There may be need to make arrangements with nations to the north of Afghanistan in order to ensure safe supply routes.

Militant attacks on supply routes and destruction of trucks parked in cities demonstrated the precarious situation of Coalition forces in Afghanistan. US military sources insist they have plenty of supplies but as roads become blocked and insurgents step up the pressure, the departure to the east of Pakistan troops will only make the situation even more complex and dangerous.